Soundproofing a Room With Soundproof Curtains

The soundproof curtains help in reducing the noise level inside and outside of your rooms with the help of its thick design of the acoustic curtains and many layers of the materials, echoes in the room would be reduced as they will be absorbed by the curtains.

As a result of the same, the amount of noise that you actually hear in your homes is lessened especially for the echoing noises like the barking dogs or the construction work.

If you try to pair the soundproof windows and the noise reducing curtains maximum outer noise would be reduced. Although, the combination that is a bit costly, it gives you much noise cancelling capabilities with any need of replacing the walls in the house.

Things to consider during soundproofing the curtains

Overall Size

Usually whenever you plan to buy curtains, you look for those whose size matches to that of the windows. But this is not the case with the soundproof curtains as you want to buy the curtains those are around three times wider than your windows and re 10 inches long. Although, this seems excessive, the extra size of the curtains helps in maximizing their coverage and increases the ability to cancel the noise.

For proper effect, you can also try curtains those go from the ceilings to the floor. You need to measure the window frame for this if you do not want to be walking on your sound thereby absorbing the curtains but the extra length helps in ensuring the maximum covered surface area of your window.

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Along with the width and length, the weight of the soundproof type of curtains is another important factor one must consider. One must keep an eye out for the heavier curtains whenever you shop curtains for soundproofing.

The Curtain Rods

For the curtain rods one must search for something that can handle the weight of the curtains along with having the capability of noise cancelling for the curtains. For this, try for the wrap-around rods. These curtain rods attach in the walls at the curve and is useful whenever the hanging sound absorbing curtains and eliminates the gaps at the edges of the curtains those maximize the area wherein they cancel any noise.

If required, one can make use of double rods. These rods will allow doubling up the layering of the sound absorbing curtains that will help in increasing the noise reduction while minimizing the amount of light which will get in the room. Double rods are likely the way one wants to go if you are planning to buy multiple curtain panels for increasing the noise protection which one can get.

Another solution is to forego the curtain rods and replace them with the ceiling mount brackets. These brackets hang down from ceiling and also help to give you more floors to ceiling coverage for the curtains those help in increasing the noise deadening area.


Whenever buying the noise cancelling curtains, you need to look for the curtain which has extra fibers in the material those are made up of.

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The extra liners can aide in the noise deadening and are included in most of the curtains those you buy. All these curtain liners, blackout liners and the window liners provide some extra layer so that the sound escapes through your house.

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