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Best DIY Tips to Make Your Window Blinds Automated


Have you made the decision to motorize your window blinds? Then, you could use some ideas on how to do it the right way if you want to independently do it, or you could look around for company similar to this colorado blinds and design firm to help you. We’ll discuss now how to do it by yourself! Getting remote blinds will come with a variety of benefits. You’ll enjoy the convenience of not having to stand to close or open your blinds. An app on your smartphone or a remote will be enough to control your blinds. Given are the best DIY tips to make your window blinds automated.

Choose a durable motor

Choose a durable motor
Ensure to invest in motorized blinds that come with a durable motor. Additionally, a good product should come with a complete warranty. Some products come with a limited warranty that doesn’t cover all parts. Ensure to buy a product that has a complete warranty for a good period. Brands that offer a guarantee are confidence of their products to give the buyer value for money.

Excellent customer support

customer support
According to these guys, you need to look for a brand with quality customer service. It doesn’t mean that you’ll interact with them about your motorized blinds. However, it pays to ensure that there’s proper support in place. You’ll never know when you might need them. Consider reading reviews from other customers about their experience with the brand. Positive reviews are a sign that you choose the right brand.

Motor compatibility with your window treatments

Motor compatibility with your window treatments
It’s normal to be excited about getting DIY motorized blinds but compatibility with your existing window treatments is important. Ensure that the motor will work well with your window treatments. This is because not all motors are compatible with any blinds or shades. Choose a brand for remote blinds that will work with your existing window treatments. It’ll save you a lot of headaches and time trying to call the customer support.

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Appropriate apps and remote control

Appropriate apps and remote control
The beauty of motorizing your blinds is the ability to control them on your gadget with a simple app. To get the most from your blinds with better convenience, the motor should work nicely with your smartphone. Before you buy a motorized wand, your phone should support the apps for the motorized blinds. This will come in handy when you have to open or close the blinds when away home. Additionally, you can as well choose blinds controlled by a remote. A good idea is to choose remote controlled blinds that can manage more than one set of blinds.

Silent motors are better

Advanced technology and innovativeness in motor design make it possible to have a silent motor. Before you buy remote blinds, ensure to find out the level of noise from the motor. The best motor should have low noise when moving. Silent motors are a wonderful option especially when the blinds are in the bedroom or office. These will let you go on with your sleep or work without distraction.

Choose an appropriate power option

Motorized window blinds are powered by a battery, solar or mains power. Each power option has specific benefits and works for particular window covering sizes. Battery powered wands are cheaper than the other options. Additionally, they eliminate the cost of wiring and electricity bills. Luckily, good batteries can last for a number of years before replacement. This depends on how often you use the blinds. Solar powered blinds are a wonderful idea for green living enthusiasts. You’ll enjoy the convenience from remote blind backed by power generated by the sun.

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Remote blinds are a key element in a smart home. These blinds offer a pleasant living experience, high-energy efficiency, and convenience of opening and closing your blinds without moving. A reliable brand will have the right options for automated blinds to incorporate on your windows.

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