Are Magical Spells Real?

As kids, we probably tried to check out our magical powers and cast a spell. And we probably didn’t know any better than to mumble some made up words and giggle our way through. Now as adults, we know that magic spells have been around for a lot longer than we have. If you’re wondering if they really work, getting a bit familiar with magic should help answer your question.

A little bit of history

During ancient times magic spells were a normal way of life. Every culture and society speaks of magic, witches, and magicians. Money or valuable items were paid for people to cast spells. It’s clear that magic didn’t stop at the time of the ancients and continues on till today. Now you might think these civilizations were superstitious or crude or anything else, but the fact remains that these were the most powerful and intelligent peoples ever on the face of the earth. Whatever we know today in science, math, engineering, and the arts began with the ancients.

What are magic spells?

In a nutshell, it’s a deliberate attempt to use or manipulate the energy around us using a specific formula.

Who creates magic spells?

If our knowledge doesn’t surpass fairytales, the answer would be witches. But since we’re here to increase our understanding, people who understand and appreciate the abundance of energy on earth and the entire universe, people who have a craft or skill and hone it, people who are curious and don’t accept the notion that all our fate is carved out in stone are most likely to practice magic spells.

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Spells can work if you believe enough in them. You can choose one of the many spells from Magickal Spot and learn more about them and how to use them.

Do spells work?

If you’re trying to transform a frog into your prince charming, that’s not going to work. A spell is meant to use the energy around you and harness and direct that energy. During a spell you are focusing on a specific thought that you want its outcome in your favor. While there is such a thing as hexes, this is the wrong path to follow and you’d be on the dark side of magic. There are mystical forces at work in the universe that can help the spell get the result you want, but even more powerful is what is within you. For a spell to work you need to: Believe, have a strong emotional attachment to what you want, focus on a single matter, make some effort for the spell to work, and then let it go. Effort means if you’re putting a spell, say for finding your match, then you have to take some action, as your perfect match won’t just fall on your lap because of a spell.

No full moon

The stereotypes of magic are just that, stereotypes. Being under a full moon isn’t required. Yet, there are items used that enhance the experience, such as gem stones and candles. There’s no reason to underestimate the power of something that has been practiced for centuries.

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