9 Keto Party Snacks for Your Next Office Potluck

Have an upcoming office potluck, but want to stick to your diet? We found nine keto party snacks you can bring that are healthy and delicious!

You’re excited to receive a notification about the next potluck in your office.

The excitement fades away and you’re nerves go on overdrive trying to think of what to bring especially now that you are on a ketogenic diet. With this being said, thinking about what to bring may not have to be that tough, especially if there is something like a fruit office delivery service that provides healthy snacks to the staff at the office. At least, regardless of what’s brought, being able to stick to a healthier diet may not be as tough as you may have initially thought.

Do you become the one person who comes up with a flimsy excuse not to attend? Of course not!
You can still enjoy a wonderful potluck occasion with your co-workers without snitching on your diet or going back home with an untouched dish.

Here we have a list of some delicious and healthy snacks you can bring to the table.
Check out some keto party snacks you can bring to the office that will leave everyone licking their fingers. (Yes, even the ones who have no idea what keto is all about)

Antipasti Skewers

Antipasti skewers will be a huge hit at the table. They are not only colorful and packed with flavor, but they also have a rich texture that everyone will enjoy.

Use one of the Italian keto potluck recipes to make yummy skewers in minutes.

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Feta Spinach Artichoke Dip

This spinach dip is a must have at any party. The main ingredients here are spinach, cheese, and artichoke hearts.

You have permission to play around with other keto ingredients you like to bring out an outstanding flavor and the level of creaminess you desire.

Avocado and Bacon Wraps

Wrapping avocado slices with crisp bacon will give you easy yet tasty keto friendly appetizers. To stay on track fry the bacon with grass-fed ghee. Remember to cook the bacon gently to avoid too much oxidization of fats.

Chicken Wings as Keto Party Snacks

Do not exclude chicken wings in your low-carb diet.

You’ll need to make a few adjustments though, like skipping out on the breading. Sugar-free sauces will also come in handy when you want to add some flavor.

Cheese Shell Taco Cups

Make tacos from cheese and then stuff them with loads of spices, ground turkey, lettuce and tomatoes. Chances are you will not go home with a single cup.

Cucumber Cups and Tuna

This is one of the genius keto potluck ideas you can try. Start by preparing the tuna. The next step is to cut the cucumber into small pieces. Scoop out some of the centers to create space to place the tuna.

Smoked Salmon Canapes

Go for smoked salmon canapes if you want to present something elegant. Add crisp cucumber slices to smoked salmon pieces. Finish off by dotting the snack with homemade aioli using fresh avocado, dill, and oil mayo.

Paleo Crab Cakes

Mix wild-caught crab meat with fish sauce, coconut aminos, and grated cauliflower for your keto potluck snack without any extra carbs.

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Zucchini Nacho Chips

Use coconut oil to fry this crispy vegetable together with taco-style spices for that heavenly out of the bag taste. Only use the freshest spices available whenever you are making any keto foods to remain bullet proof.

Keto Snacks to Bring to the Office Potluck

Office potlucks allow colleagues to bond over food something that brings out a positive impact on team dynamics and productivity.

There are plenty of keto party snacks options to explore when you want to remain on the straight and narrow path and end up impressing your non-keto colleagues.

Check out different recipes to pick the ones that will be most appropriate for the occasion.

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