Blinds Or Curtains? What’s Right For You

Blinds or curtains, curtains or blinds. You might not know which to choose, but the good news is that for window dressing, it usually boils down to these two choices. It is a personal choice, just as is the rest of your furniture and choosing between the two is going to depend equally on your budget, and the general look of your home’s interior. Would venetian blinds suit your home, or do you think eyelet curtains are going to be a sleeker option? So, let’s have a look for some guidance in this brief read to help you decide


Blinds used to be the preferred look in homes, then somewhat took a backseat to curtains, and are now making a comeback because newer technology has given them a sleeker and edgier look to a room, plus better function.

Blinds can be venetian, roller, vertical, or wooden. Slates allow for easy tilting to let sunshine in, or tilt down for shade and privacy. That’s why they are usually the perfect choice for bedrooms. Only if wanting to open the window, would you need to raise the blinds. Hanging vertical slates nicely suit sliding patio doors or large sliding windows.

Normally, they are not patterned so you’d probably be buying blinds of a solid color. They come in many colors and different hues and texture of faux wood for wooden ones. There are blackout blinds which block sunlight and glare 100%, or dim blinds that transfer more light.

Most blinds have a standard depth of half an inch, 1 inch, or 2 inches for venetian blinds. You can find helpful videos or blogs made to measure blinds online for that perfect fit for your home or office windows. If you are looking for something that is easy to clean and maintain, with a sleek look and affordable price range.

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Since they are fabric, curtains might add a rich look to a room, especially if you buy heavy fabric. They are usually purchased in pairs, but they are not the same as drapes though people use these words interchangeably. The main difference is that drapes are lined with heavy fabric, while curtains can be heavy or very sheer. The normal material for drapes is usually heavy and somewhat stiff.

Curtains can be short, just covering the bottom half of a window, or long enough to puddle onto the floor. They will filter out some light and glare, but not totally.

Depending on the look of the rod and the way the curtains are hung will produce different effects on the room, from dramatic to casual. They can be hung just for function or hung for display. They are definitely more of a burden to keep clean than blinds, but may also work well when you want to add a pop of color when a room is of a neutral palette. Prices will vary greatly depending on the type of material and how much you need.

With e-commerce and online shopping, the choices for both are abundant. So take your time when deciding and choosing. There’s no big rush since choosing either is usually one of the last choices to make when decorating a room. The important thing is to choose right.

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