Handmade Useful Things That You Can Make By Elastic Band


Most of the time we don’t even get this idea to emphasize simple things by using it differently. We may face a different type of problem in our daily life regarding our outfits, jewellery, daily work and so on. An elastic band can be the best solution for our routine base work problem. Here is some demo about the use of elastic.
Prevent paint dripping from a brush: If your painting colour is falling from your brush then stretch an extra-large elastic band across the paint container before you get to work. You can rip off any excess paint from your brush by using this.

Smart Packing: If you want to pack your bag for travelling, rolled up cloths is the best way to extend your pack. And it’s better to secure your rolled up clothes with elastic bands to keep all clothes in one place.

Use for Outfits: You can use elastic to beautify your clothes. Girls can use an elastic band to make a harness bra. Pentagram harness bra by cradle of goth is one of this kind. It’s also used for whimsy hand on any gown or use stripped jeans pant.

Mobile phone holder for the car: You can make a hand-held device holder by attaching your phone to the air vents in a car with just an elastic band.

Bookmarks: In travelling elastic band can mark your pages in the book most securely. It will protect the book from opening and the pages creasing.

Bouncy Ball: Establishing a rubber band ball is easy to do and an easy way to keep them all in one place. It’s also can use as a ball and get entertained.

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Make Wrist Band: With small colourful rubber bands and a paper clip you can make bands depending on the size of your wrist.

Keep Doors Open: Twist a rubber band throughout a door handler so that it forms an “X” shape across the door lock. The band will remain the lock pressed in and door open for you. This trick mainly uses for those baby rooms to get rid of sounds.

Making Scrap Book: There have different kind of card system what you can put on your scrapbook as a gift. It’s like you can add a waterfall card or a mini book by elastic.

Create Memorandum: It’s pretty cool to make a memorandum board by wrapping with a colourful elastic band around a photo frame.

Remote Control Saver: If you want to protect your remote control from falling or scratching up in a table, wrap up it from top to bottom with a big elastic. This will save your remote control.

Improve Hangers: Those plastic hangers are so much slippery. Clothes can’t hang on these smoothly. Just wrap one or two rubber band around both ends of the hanger. The rubber bands will catch clothes and making it much less likely that they’ll slip off.

Egg Size Decorator: Wrap an elastic band around an egg in a different direction before dipping them in an egg dye. This egg appears with a cool pattern.

Sliced Apple Keeper: Slice an apple into pieces and then put them all back together. A rubber band can hold the apple all together and prevent the parts from drying out and being rotten.
So in our daily basis routine, an elastic may reduce our many problems and can solve a different issue. We may present a gift with many handmade dyes with an elastic. And this also looks fancy. Customising something with elastics also look attractive. We can use this as daily hacks regarding our different work.

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