Style the Perfect Go to Party Look

How to Style the Perfect Go to Party Look

We all know it is not a society where the presence makes it all, but it is a society where your presence & the presentation makes a mark. Basically, to survive the changing norms of fashion, it becomes very important to exemplify what your personality goes with. There are numerous events and each event calls for some or the other special attire which might draw eyes on you. Apart from the fact that we are supposed to keep a check on what to wear, there are several other essentials to make “the look”. Here we are going to help you style the perfect go to party look.
Everyone wants to look good for all the parties, but how to look perfect and how to get an edge over the others? How to get the perfect look is what we surf the internet for, no! but worry not, we will make it is easy for we have brought to you the best saree and blouse ideas along with the perfect hairstyle to rock the desi look. Also, at Myntra, you can get the best saree designs at best prices. avail the discounts by using the myntra coupons. You can follow the following tips

Farewell look

Choice of the Saree
Choice of the Saree
The saree looks the best when carried around with confidence, elegance and when one looks comfortable in itMany of you will be wearing saree for the first time so it is important to choose the saree which is easy to carry and drape. Of course, you don’t want to look shabby or messy by carrying it inappropriately thus, the first step is to choose the saree which is light weight. Another benefit of a light weight saree is you will have easy movement and you will be able to enjoy your party better.

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The second most important thing is to choose the fabric. When it comes to fabric there is a vast range of it. From georgette, crepe, cotton to silk, chiffon, net and many more. it is preferable to choose georgette or chiffon saree since the fabric is easy to carry, more comfortable, and light in weight. Even the crepe sarees can also be worn. Plus, you can get great variety in these fabrics with respect to design, pattern and style.

The third is to decide on the colour of the saree. One should choose colour according to the personal choice and the colour they think will complement their skin tone. But while choosing colours you can go for bright colours but colours like black, grey, blue will look equally elegant.

NOTE- While draping a saree make sure that it is long enough and your footwear doesn’t show. A short saree where the sandals are visible ruins the look.

Also keep the loose end of the saree little below the knees but not very low, because then it will become difficult to carry and you don’t want to look uncomfortable, do you?

Choice of the Blouse
Choice of the Blouse
Now that we are halfway through, the next step is to select the design of the blouse.

Different styles of saree can be paired with different styles of blouse. For example, saree draped with legging or palazzo can be worn with a jacket style blouse or even a backless blouse. While, a full sleeves blouse never goes out of style, you can also wear cold shoulder blouse, or off shoulder blouse. A retro style saree can be paired with a boat neck blouse.

Another great idea is to pair your saree with a blouse of contrasting shade. Before opting this style you should go for a good colour choice, and not the design, since a bad choice here can give you a disastrous look.

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You also have choices of wearing a backless blouse with a cut-sleeves. Double drape saree goes best with this style of blouse.

It is better for you to have one rehearsal with your beautiful heels. And talking about makeup, you can have a light base along with beautiful eye makeup. Put on a beautiful lipstick matching the colour of your saree and rock the party.

Dinner Party

Dinner Party
Confused as how to dress up for a dinner party? Whether you are having a small get together or looking forward to a bigger party session, this segment is going to help you get that great yet a classy look for the evening. Here are the types of dinner which you might be having with the distinct types of attire which you can carry to show your best side. Have a look and decide what is going to be your style:

Casual dinner:

Casual dinner
A combo of heels with cropped jeans is the best trending look. This outfit is a guaranteed winner when it comes to a casual dinner party. Also, you can opt for a dark pair of shirt. Do not forget to carry a nice bag, be it a clutch or a formal handbag with the same. Be a little down with the accessories as you won’t like being too blingy at a casual dinner. Keep it classy with matte shades and you will definitely rock the show.

Fancy dinners:

Fancy dinners
How about that little black dress you have kept intact in your wardrobe? It is time to take that out. Fancy dinners are not too edgy but still require your best shot. Actually, you need to give your best shot every day. So, wear your black dress with contrasting heels or same colour heels and stand out for the party. Carry a nice, plain clutch in your hand with a shimmery pair of earrings to pop the fashion. Wearing black makes you look classy and at the same time it is the most versatile colour one can ever own.

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Sunday Brunch Party

Sunday Brunch Party
Choosing the perfect outfit for brunch sessions could be a bit confusing. Most women choose the casual wear for the event but there are women who love to flaunt their best outfits and simply the most wanting apparels. Casuals are not always the one perfect combinations for an occasion such as a Sunday brunch.

Brunch is all about looking good and at the same time the attire should make you feel comfortable. To make the outfit stylish you can pair a denim jacket with a nice skirt. The skirts can be presented in patterns, florals and prints. Printed skirts can be paired with almost anything. The denim skirt can be tucked with plain white or floral shirt. That concludes your subtle yet the Sunday brunch look.

Conclusion- Dress accordingly with whatever apparels you have enclosed in your wardrobe and put on some makeup in the right proportion. The best looks are enacted with versatility, so don’t forget being confident in whatsoever be your attire. Parties are full of fun and good spirits. Have an incredible one.

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