Are Interior Door Handles Universal

Are all door knobs universal:

Throughout your lifetime everyone will have to change a door knob at some point, at this time you will need to know what type of door handles to buy and the shape to get. This could lead to you thinking are all door knobs universal or do you need different types and sizes of interior door handles

Unfortunately door handles are not universal, however there aren’t many different types for you to choose from. There are three you will need to think about when buying a door handle. These are backset, the hole diameter which is also known as the cross-bore this is where the door knob goes and also whether the door knob is for interior or exterior use as they will get damaged easily if they aren’t used correctly.  All door knobs are different with their compatibility with other door backsets, cross-bores and other locations. 

Backset length affect door knob choice 

The backset is the distance between the edge to the centre hole where the handle goes, most interior door handles have a backset in between 2-3 inches. If you’re changing the door handle on your door you will need to measure your hole to make sure the new backset will fit it as they can be different sizes. 

If there isn’t a pre existing hole in your door knob you will need to make one yourself before installing the door handle, to do this you will need to purchase a door knob kit to do it. If the backset is the wrong length it can cause some problems with the latch bolt, this is the part that moves when you turn the knob. Using a backset of the wrong size can mean the latch bolt will either be too long or too short to reach the doorknob. 

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Cross-bore diameter affects door knob compatibility 

The cross-bore usually measures 5.08cm in diameter, although this can change in some circumstances. As the backset you will either need to know the diameter of the hole or ensure you know the size of the cross bore that your knob requires before you install it to your new door. 

However sometimes you mht find that your cross-bore might be bigger and will require a wider doorknob and wider rosette. The rosette is a round metal plate that is placed around your doorknob which covers the mechanics of the door knob preventing any damage that could ruin it. 

Interior vs exterior door knobs

Knowing where different door knobs go is very important, you should know where to put different ones as they all require different things and have other functions. 

Interior door knobs are lighter in weight:

Usually using a lighter duty door knob that is smaller is typically lighter than an exterior handle. They are used to keep interior doors closed and don’t have any security measures built in them.

There are three major door handles these are-

Passage knobs: These are knobs that don’t lock and are usually installed in closet doors and small spaces. 

Dummy knobs: these knobs are purely for aesthetics, they don’t move or open any doors they are used for decoration. 

Privacy knobs: these are handles with a lock but without a lock, there is usually a hole on the other side. They are used on bathrooms or bedroom doors. 

However the lock on a privacy knob isn’t very secure so you shouldn’t use it on an exterior door. They have low security and are not a very good option to put on your outside door as they can be broken into easily. 

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Exterior door knobs focus on privacy

While a lot of people see exterior door knobs as tools to get in and out of a space, they are actually a main function of security. They have locks for each one and are more sustainable and stronger than an interior door knob.they are harder to brake and provide more heavy duty security rather than a interior knob. Although they can get damaged and brake they are much better options to use as they are more efficient and secure than an interior door handle. Also they last longer, this means you won’t have to regularly replace them and buy a new handle every year. 

Keyed entry knobs provide extra security

Most people grew up with lock and key entry doors, they are the most secure and hardest to pick. They are much more resistant than a privacy knob which can easily be open with a bobby pin. It is very easy to pick an interior door knob, also an exterior is much harder and takes more time as you need a certain key to fit the lock. They give you much more security and it is less likely someone will be able to break into your house with an exterior door handle. However they can be damaged or break but they are more resistant than a normal price knob, they don’t need replacing often and stay in good condition. 


Although door handles are not universal there are a lot of options you can choose from for your door knob. Depending on your needs and sizes there are different door handles for you to choose from to fit your style and house. Knowing all the measurements for your doors is very useful as it can help you to decide if you need an exterior or interior door handle and will help you to choose what is best for you.

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