Your Guide to the Platner Coffee Table

There are plenty of items that help to uplift the decor of a room and bring it to a higher level of elegance and class. This could be a cozy rug, long flowing drapes, or a sturdy piece of furniture. Another item that is a must-have for any living room is a coffee table. This is because these types of tables serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. If you are looking to purchase one, then you might want to consider a Platner Coffee Table which serves as an excellent choice.

What is a Platner coffee table anyway?

This table is not the regular type of coffee table that is available in most homes, but rather its unique design helps it stand out from the rest. The coffee table boasts a circular design with a top made of tempered glass along with multiple steel rods welded to this top. The design of the rods was described by Warren Platner himself to be “decorative, gentle, graceful”; the type of adjectives that one wishes to evoke from a piece of furniture adorning their living room.

Why should you get the platner coffee table?

1. Aesthetic value

Furniture pieces play a big role in shaping the look of a place. If you want to achieve a rustic, modern, or minimalist appeal, one of the major things you will pay attention to is the tables, beds, chairs, etc of the place. The design of the furniture plays an important role as well. In this case, the coffee table does not have the regular square or oval shape, but it instead has a circular top with multiple steel rods laid collectively and beautifully to serve as a base. It will thus elevate the beauty of the area it is placed.

2. Size

A coffee table does not need to be unnecessarily large and takes up too much space in the living room. This would create a cluttered look and as we all know, less is more. The platner coffee table has a dainty size which is just right for any room and can thus be placed in any section with ease.

3. Unique

Due to its uniquely crafted design, the chances of you ending up with another generic piece of furniture in your home is quite low. The platner coffee table also provides you with a couple of unique choices of either going for the tempered glass top, marble top, or a fiberboard. With these options, you will end up having a one-of-a-kind table that will add a stylish and fresh look to your living room. Due to its uniqueness, the table is bound to evoke positive reactions from all who visit, which is always a plus.

The platner coffee table is available in multiple stores online, all you have to do is select the most suitable and convenient for you. Home is where the heart is, and it is thus important that we do what we find best to make a home comfortable and beautiful. If this means getting a nice coffee table, go right ahead.

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