A Breakdown of the Remington RM5118R Rodeo Chainsaw

Chainsaws are one of the most common power tools in the world. These saws come in different types but the most common are the gas powered ones because of their reliable power and portability. Unfortunately, many buyers find a lot of difficulties when buying power saws since there are many products on the market. Therefore, before buying a power saw, you need to pay attention to factors such as power output, noise levels, vibration and safety features on the device.

If you are in the market looking for a powerful home based chainsaw at an affordable price, then the Remington rm5118r rodeo is the right product for you. The rm5118r rodeo is a popular product that is loved by thousands of people around the world. This is because it delivers reliable performance and durability. In this review, we are going to explore the good and the bad on the rm5118r rodeo to help you decide whether this is the right product for you. Above all, you need to be conscious about your budget because you want to find the best power saw at a price that you can afford.


The Remington rm5118r rodeo comes fitted with a 51cc motor that delivers ample power to the everyday consumer. This motor can produce maximum power output that is close to 3.5 horsepower. This makes the rm5118r rodeo one of the best power saws that you can have at home. In addition, this saw is suitable for trimming small trees, pruning branches and clearing bushy hedges.

Great design

The rm5118r rodeo comes in a compact design that makes handling easy. In addition, this power saw features a sturdy construction that includes the use of quality materials. In addition, all the parts have been tested and verified and therefore, you shouldn’t expect anything to go wrong with the tool.

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The rodeo is also fitted with a 2-cycle engine that delivers impressive performance even during extended use. However, this engine is not ideal for handling big trees.

The rm5118r also has an anti-vibration system that reduces fatigue on the user’s hands. This system features comfortable anti-vibration handles that make it easy for users to hold the device. And to enable the system run well, the tool has an automatic oil pump that delivers oil to all areas.

Safety features

Power saws are one of the most dangerous power tools that you can use. Therefore, it is very important to consider safety features that are in place before buying one. Luckily, the rm5118r rodeo is fitted with several safety parts that protect the user from potential injury. First, you will notice that the tool is fitted with an anti-kickback system that stops the blade when the saw is lifted up. This helps prevent injuries especially when one is tired and fatigued.


Remington rm5118r rodeo power saw packs power that is enough to handle most household applications. And since it sells at a reasonable price, the tool can deliver great value.

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