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Folks need quality smoking accessories to ensure a therapeutic experience. Do you know you can purchase everything online, from the hookahs, accessories, and bowls to the coals? Shop portable hookahs from online stores and enjoy them with your friends or family. 

If this is your first-time buying hookah, there are things to consider. At the same time, if you are a pro, you already know what to look at. With so many brands and materials in the market, some research can significantly impact your shopping experience. 

Traditional Vs. Modern Hookah 

Most modern hookahs are made of stainless steel with several other components. They are highly portable, making them easier to travel with. They have a more modern approach and are built with new technology. You will get great designs to choose from with an easy-to-use purge. Most of the modern ones are available in small to medium heights. 

At the same time, if you want something cheap to smoke at home, a traditional one can be helpful. 

Things to Consider While Buying 

It’s alright to shop portable hookahs online until folks consider these few things. 


One of the most important criteria while purchasing hookah is price range. Factors affecting price include manufacturing materials, manufacturing complexity, brand, etc. Since models with classy designs require more labor, they might be costly. 

The brand name contributes much to the final price. A brand with a broader advertisement and massive distribution will likely be expensive.


The reputation of a brand conveys the quality of a product. It would help if you considered the brand because it is crucial. Searching for a brand is super convenient today with the help of the internet. One can get the history and read reviews and customer stories in a few clicks. 

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Check out different online stores selling hookah and see what brands they offer. A shop with most brands offering great deals and discounts is excellent. 


Height is a personal preference and varies from one individual to another. Experienced smokers like the height between 45 cm and 70 cm. The height of the product will have a say in its performance and ease of handling. It is also vital to learn that a large glass base will tend to hold and produce more smoke.

A small portable hookah sounds ideal for those who travel much and want to carry them along. For traveling purposes, a glass base product will not be a great idea. People may use products like Vyro one Carbon (One can get multiple color options on a reputable online store), Cloud Micro, or Hoob Atom Hookahs while traveling. 


A diffuser aims to make your smoking tool a little less noisy. They can be both built-in and adjustable, so they cannot be removed. You can eliminate the diffuser with an adjustable one. It will break the air bubbles through the water and give you a smooth and quieter pull. 

While these are a few considerations, others may include hookah base material, accessories, number of hose ports, decoration materials, etc. 

Final Thoughts 

With the above tips, you can purchase the right hookah based on your needs. While you can get the product from a brick-and-mortar shop, an online shop is a more straightforward option. Remember to check the reputation of the online store before buying. 

You can also pick a store offering warranties and better shipping rates. The product you choose will shape your smoking experience. Therefore, it is best to be careful before purchasing. So, consider the above factors while you get your first hookah and see the difference. 

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