Glass Tumblers: a history behind “Goti de Fornasa”

The island of Venice has been characterized by an aura of elegance and refinement since its early days. The outstanding buildings and the magnificent palaces are a symbol of the cultural heritage of the city. Venice is one of the three “cities of art” in Italy, along with Rome and Florence.

The countless exhibitions taking place every year, besides a long list of museums, are a way to spread the art surrounding the city.

Moreover, the sumptuous palaces represent the prosperity and wealth in which the nobility was living. For example, in the Doge’s Palace, each room is full of precious pieces of art that cost a fortune. During the time of the Serenissima Republic, the nobility was living above their means indeed. Besides the paintings, sculptures, and golden decorations, every single ornament in their room was glowing. Even their table shone! With elegant chalices and golden-patterned plates, everyone would have wished to be invited for dinner.

These inimitable luxury sets adorned their table. Glassware sets, plates, centerpieces, or carafes are irreplaceable ornaments to bring to your table as well.

At YourMurano you have a wide range of products for this purpose. Whether you wish to surprise your guests at dinner, or you want to make an unforgettable gift from Venice, these creations are perfect for you.

All creations are the result of a centenary tradition of glass production. In Murano, an island belonging to the Venetian lagoon, pure glass is created through the combination of sand, limestone, and water, which is put together in 1300°C furnaces. Then, artisans manipulate this mixture with their skilled hands, giving it any form requested.

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The glass-making activity is very renowned, to such an extent that the creations are asked from all over the world. Murano has specialized in this sector since the XIII century: the knowledge of glassmaking has been passed on and on from father to son since then. 

A well-known product is the so-called goto de fornasa, which can be translated as “the furnace’s glass”. It is a tumbler with an irregular form, which can have many colors and peculiar details in murrine. Originally, these particular types of glasses were used only by the Masters to drink water during the hard work in the furnaces. They created them using a sophisticated technique: glassblowing.

Each tumbler was different from one another to avoid confusion among the artisans. This explains the large variety of colors. Even though they were initially used for the mere purpose of utility, they then became original objects for home decor. They were often used to drink during daily meals. But sooner they became a true ornament to exhibit in your home. Nowadays they embellish the mise en place of every table.

If you are curious about these historical objects, you can take a look at the Murano Tumblers Sets. Blue, red, multicolored, or simply transparent, you will certainly find the set that best fits your tastes! These unique glasses from Murano will bring light and color to your happy moments.

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