9 Strange Facts On Decorative Blinds & Shades

Decorative lines are very popular nowadays and there are many reasons why people want to install them in their homes. If you are one of the people who want to improve the decoration and look of your home then you can completely change the entire look of your home by installing them in your home. 

There or some facts about these window Blinds that many people don’t know about and leave very interesting facts. You will be amazed because you might have never heard these facts before about window blinds. After all, they are not only for beauty and luxury.

In this article, we will discuss nine strange facts about decorative Blinds and Shades. So keep on reading to find out more information below about window blinds Nz.

 1. Bamboo 

Yes, it is true and not a lot of people know about this fact. The fact is that the first ever window blind that was made in the world was made from animal skin and bamboo. The same was the case with venation Blinds as well as Roman Blinds. Many people have no idea about this and their still use window blinds because they don’t have any idea about the information.

 2. Venetian Blinds 

 Venation Blinds are a very popular type of Blinds and many people like to install them in their homes. Many people think that they originate from Venice but that is not true because they are not from that country. They have a rich history from Persia and they’re popularly known as well.

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 3. Rome 

Indeed, the popular Roman glands are actually from Rome and they are from ancient times. They have a history and they used to collect dirt from entering the women that is why they are used nowadays as well.

 4. Invention 

It is the Chinese people who invented window blinds in the first place. They did that why using bamboo and hanging it right and front of their house for their privacy.

 5. Americans 

The next interesting fact about window Blinds that not many people know about is that it was the Americans who changed how window Blinds work nowadays.

 6. Movies 

If you are a fan of science fiction movies then you might have already noticed that they don’t show a lot of Blinds properly because they don’t have them. It is more likely that they are going to be useless in the future and they are going to be automatic Windows that can get dark automatically that is why there is no reason to use window Blinds in a futuristic movie because they are not going to exist in the future anyways!

 7. Natural Blinds

Another interesting fact about window Blinds is that you can use natural window Blinds and they are very good for your health as well.

 8. Future 

Many people believe that window Blinds are not going to be a part of the future.

 9. Sun Rays 

Window Blinds not only make your house look beautiful but also prevent the harmful rays of Sunlight from entering your home.

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