5 Top Strategies For Gold Trading

Gold, much like other high-value commodities, is widely traded around the globe. Gold traders employ a wide range of strategies to help them make accurate predictions. Below are some of the most popular trading strategies.

Position Trading

A trader might keep a traditional long position open to making a profit in the long term. Let’s say a trader thinks that the spot price of gold will rise significantly in 12 months; they can keep a long trading position and hold it until the time is right to sell. If you are ready to start trading gold, make contact with one of the established gold dealers and you can use their secure market connections. Bookmark their site and you can check the spot price of gold in real-time, plus they have a lot of great resources to help new traders.

Trend Trading 

As the name suggests, traders follow trends and make acquisitions when they think the time is right. The trader uses state-of-the-art software to identify trends in real-time and he may or may not act upon the results. A trader might notice a drop in price and if this continues, they may at a certain point buy some of the gold bars for sale Brisbane dealer City Gold Bullion or any other dealer is offering, with the aim of selling when the price peaks. Of course, this doesn’t always work; there are risks with all types of trading, not just gold.

News Trading

As the name suggests, this strategy is based on studying the news, which might be government data or a Federal Reserve announcement; certain new information can affect the price of gold, and the sooner the trader is aware, the quicker they can act. Of course, traders use complex analysis software to assist them and they would receive information as soon as it becomes available. Using this strategy demands a secure high-speed Internet connection and when news comes in, your software analyses it and gives you recommendations, which you may or may not act on.

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Day Trading

Some traders prefer day trade, which means they hold a position open for a single day, looking for an opportunity to make a profit. The spot price of gold is changed several times a day, which affords such opportunities for the brave day trader. This is probably the most common of all strategies and some traders only use this one strategy. Of course, there are many variables that affect the price of gold, and data analysis is essential for every trader.

Price Action Trading

This strategy involves making decisions based upon price changes; a trader can enter or exit a position at any time and this strategy works across any timeline. Traders use a series of strategies, plus they would make the best use of specific technical analysis software to help them make real-time decisions. There are risks with all forms of trading.

If you have no previous trading experience, it’s better that you delay trading for real money. The best way to ease yourself into gold trading is to create accounts and trade with imaginary money for at least 6 months, by which time you should know enough to actually trade. There are a lot of free resources online to help new traders, and Google can help you locate suitable websites where you can acquire valuable skills.

Prior to starting to trade, make a connection with a reputable gold bullion dealer and you can take advantage of many resources to get you started.

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