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Last year i was invited to a wedding ceremony of my friends. Both of them like huge parties with a lot of guests, food and drinks. So I was sure that this event would be something like this. As for me, I prefer more quiet celebrations, so i was preparing to spend there few hours, congratulate a couple and leave a wedding. But all happened in absolutely other way. Weddings are one of the most important aspects of people’s lives, and they want to make it extraordinary. If you work as a wedding planner or organizer, we have a range of ready-made wedding templates that will help you keep track of all your activities.

They choose the end of August because of two reasons. The first one is that they both like summer most of all, and end of August is the coldest time of summer. The second one – bride’s birthday is on the 1st of September and that year she was 30 years old, so there was a funny dream to get married before 30 and she made it come true.

The wedding day was on Saturday and the invitation said that we must drive out of the city to the hotel where the ceremony took place. It was a two-floor building in the center of a small nice park and it all was at our disposal. There were two colours of wedding – violette and blue so all guests were dressed in clothes including these colours. When we arrived the groom met us outside. He was really excited, running from one guest to another asking if they are fine, but we all knew that he cared and waited only for his beautiful bride, whom he didn’t see from previous day.

Main part of ceremony took place outside, so we decided to explore the park and wedding space. After 5 minutes walking we found out a group of guests and outside table with drinks, snacks and huge amount of presents. Our couple decided not to spend time taking presents personally, but showed a place where all guests could leave their gifts. We gave our gift to one grooms’ friend and he gave us an envelope. Inside of it there was a personal handwriting letter with gratitudes. It was so incredibly cute. He also gave few lilies to every guest.

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With every minute more and more guests arrived and it seemed like a party. With jokes, smiles, music, balloons and wedding presenter, who was really funny and became the most popular guy in the wedding really quickly. We made acquaintance with almost all guests thanks to him and it seemed like we were one big happy family. At one time he invited us to take a seats on the chairs in the center of the park and the brightest part of ceremony had begun. A bride appeared. She was so shining and beautiful, looking so special in a white perfect dress. Her father was walking with her and gave her hand to the grooms’ hand. It seemed that it was a moment when the groom could finally breathe deeply. We all stood up and applauded to this huge moment. After that they gave simple and sweet promises and were named a husband and a wife, but all this was not even close to atmosphere of the moment of bride appearance.

We gathered all our guest lilies on a huge bouquet and it seemed like a small miracle.
After that there were dancing, eating, congratulating. It was a huge party of close people even we met few hours ago with someone of guests. We made a lot of photos, played games and had a lot of fun. It was the first time I attended a wedding where everyone was in love with the groom and the bride and tried to make this day really special. Because of this there was no chance to leave earlier. You can’t go away from the place full of happiness.

At the end there was one more surprise for guests and newlyweds. There was a quiet guy with video camera whom we didn’t even notice from the beginning of the ceremony. We thought that he is making wedding movie which we will see in a few months after our couple comes back from honeymoon. We were close with our observations but not absolutely right. We saw that great wedding video in the end of the wedding day. Just in a few hours after the ceremony. We saw all of us sitting here on the huge screen. It was incredible almost stream movie of this perfect day.

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After all I asked my friends how they did this day so special not only for them but for all the guests too. The answer was very simple. They gathered all people whom they loved and who loved them. And I’m sure that this rule works regardless the country, religion and age of the couple.

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