TV Placement Simplified

To get the most from your home’s movie nights and gaming events, you will need to get the positioning of your TV perfect! Here are three important things to consider:

1. The Room

First, take a moment to get a feel for the dynamics and layout of the room. Where will the traffic be flowing and where are the walls with the high windows. Your TV should be clear of traffic and at the right angle to avoid a glare from windows. If you are cautious, you will experiment with a few different arrangements before, whipping out your stud finder and drilling holes into the walls.

2. The Furniture

You can choose to make the TV the focal point of the room or just a side show to the family activity room. The way the furniture is positioned in relation with the TV will determine if the occupants of the room are encouraged to engage each other in conversation, or card and board games, or if they would be primarily using the room to watch TV. Place the TV in the center of the room to maximize its value to the area or catty-corner to the sitting arrangement to emphasize conversation and interactions. Take a look at Rooms to Go for your perfect living room furniture.

3. The Television

You probably noticed, TVs have come a very long way from the modestly sized apparatus most people enjoyed. With this in mind you need to consider the potential for necessary upgrades. Often the size of the TV will limit your options of placement to a few specific locations.

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Finally, turn on the TV and sit at each location in the room to make sure it can be seen clearly and in detail from each angle. Some of these LCD screens are best viewed from an angle as the direct view can appear blurry.

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