6 Reasons why RTA Kitchen Cabinets are Very Popular

As the post-pandemic order takes shape across the interior design sector, RTA kitchen cabinets have unexpectedly emerged as winners. For a long time now, traditional and modern cabinets that fared relatively well during the pandemic period have struggled to maintain their position in the market. 

In this review article, we aim to unearth some of the potential reasons that make RTA cabinets more impressive than classic and modern-style conventional cabinet designs in the post-pandemic era. 

RTA Kitchen Cabinets Explained

Because time has proved them cheaper and easier to work with than fully constructed cupboard designs, RTA kitchen cabinets have ignited a gold rush in the interior design industry. 

Now, a majority of homeowners want them like never before. 

Besides their proven cheaper prices and the convenience associated with using them, RTA cabinets stand out courtesy of the following; 

  • Material Quality

Just because they are linked to highly strong and durable materials, for example, natural wood, laminates, and metals, in terms of parts and fixtures, a majority of RTA cabinets stand out among cabinet designs considered exceptionally durable. 

Generally speaking, the kind of use you decide to put them to notwithstanding, RTA cupboards can stay looking as good and strong as expected, thanks to their unparalleled high-quality material characteristics. 

  • All Roundness 

Honestly, whether a space you want to style with cabinets is traditional or modern-looking, RTA kitchen cabinets can work efficiently for you. Even though they are considered modern cabinets, the drawer models boast the potential to blend well with classic interior design aesthetics. 

In addition, regardless of the degree to which a space is large or small, RTA cabinets can fit well inside it. With the nu-constructed formats in which they come, RTA cupboards can be customized to align with the size specifics of an interior. 

  • Versatility
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One of the most rewarding experiences is choosing cabinets among RTA cabinet constructions. Because RTA cabinets are versatile, they provide as many options as possible when it comes to choosing kitchen cabinets. 

Depending on the visual aesthetic specifics of a space that you want to decorate, you can choose to install either traditional or modern RTA kitchen cabinets, all of which boast harmony with all interior designs. 

Will RTA Kitchen Cabinets Stop Trending Soon?

With the gold rush that they have ignited in the entire interior design industry, RTA cabinets are less likely to go out of fashion soon. As time goes by, many people will consider buying the modern-style drawer designs for various reasons, including the following; 

  1. The Need to Save Money

Since they are considered everywhere as the cheapest drawer designs, RTA kitchen cabinets will attract attention for a long time to come. Generally speaking, with kitchen interior design proving expensive every day, many homeowners are bound to opt for cost-effective decor accessories. 

  1. The Need to Enjoy Convenience

Arguably, the more many homeowners will focus on enhancing convenience when materializing kitchen interior design or remodel plans, the more RTA cabinets will attract attention and so, stay trending. Thanks to their all-roundness, RTA cabinets prove convenient to deal with in terms of both styling and usage. 

  1. The Need to Choose from Multiple Options

Because many homeowners enjoy buying cabinets after exploring multiple choices, RTA kitchen cabinets are bound to stay trending for as long as possible. RTA cabinets, as we have already mentioned, are versatile and so, can give any homeowner numerous options in terms of cabinetry designs to buy. 

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Top Five Tips for Finding the Best RTA Kitchen Cabinets

#5: Check out for Auction Offers

In a bid to find RTA cabinets that prove worth buying, you can try getting access to auction platforms either online or offline. Whereas auctioned cabinets are mostly second-hand, a majority of them are impressive in terms of quality and price. 

#4: Read Interior Decor Review Articles

Interior decor review articles are potential resources you can leverage as tools for getting access to the best RTA kitchen cabinets. The good thing about the articles is that they can easily be accessed online from anywhere. 

#3: Liaise with Relevant Professionals

With the help of professionals like interior designers and cabinet design and manufacturing experts, you can easily navigate the hustles and bustles related to finding the best kitchen cabinets. For example, interior designers can help you learn more about what to consider regarding cabinet color, shape, and ornamentation.

#2: Conduct Market Research

Another way to know how and where to access RTA kitchen cabinets is by conducting market research. From window shopping to reading customer reviews on various cabinet-selling sites, there are numerous market research activities you can invest in when it comes to finding the best kitchen cabinets for sale. 

#1: Determine Your Preferences

To find ready-to-assemble cabinets that prove the best for you, you must be aware of your preferences when it comes to cabinet design and styling properties. By knowing your tastes regarding kitchen cabinets and their features, you can easily know the RTA cabinet models to focus on buying. 

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What are Some of the Best RTA Kitchen Cabinets to Buy in 2024?

  1. Ready-to-assemble Natural Wood RTA Cabinets

As of now, among the well-known models of RTA cabinets, wood-based variants stand out as the best-selling. Everywhere, they are admired for not only pocket-friendly prices but also functionality and strength. The most notable ready-to-assemble natural wood cabinets feature exceptionally strong hardwood varieties, including oak, maple, hickory, and teak. 

  1. Shaker-style RTA Kitchen Cabinets

With traditional cabinets trending in modernity, shaker cabinets, the most iconic traditional cabinets, are back to fashion but with aspects of modernity. Shaker-style RTA kitchen cabinets, undoubtedly the most modern-themed shaker cupboard models, are perfect for you if you are a fan of modern shaker cabinets. 

  1. Frameless  RTA Cabinets

Frameless cabinets are well-known modern cabinet designs. Ready-to-assemble models come in all kinds of colors, not to mention shapes or layouts. Like many modern cabinets, they boast harmony with several interior design aesthetic styles, from classic to modern trends. 

Final Thoughts

Thanks to the fact that they are exceptionally pocket-friendly, functional, and high-quality, RTA kitchen cabinets are winning big in the post-pandemic interior design landscape. If you want to experience a cost-effective and convenient interior design affair, simply make RTA cabinets one of your go-to decor accessories. 

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