8 Shockingly Simple Home DIY Electrical Projects


Once you’ve moved into a new house, one of the first things you’ll want to do is change it. That is only natural, we all have a yearning to nest, and we do that by personalizing the space around us. 

Most people are unsure of their capabilities when it comes to doing DIY projects around the house. You would be amazed at how some of the simplest home DIY electrical projects can change your space entirely.

Update your home by trying any of these eight shockingly simple projects below:

Install Brand New Switches

Updating your old, tired light switches is a simple job that can be done over a weekend. Whether you are installing one from scratch or replacing an old one, the job is not a difficult one. All you need is the right tools and a little safety know-how.

Light switches are meant to be functional, but you can get some truly beautiful switches that can easily enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room. Once you have found your favorite new set of switches, all you need to do is isolate your lighting circuit, and then you are good to go.

Once you’ve cut the power to the switch circuit, use a quality voltage tester to ensure that it is dead and safe to work on. There are many different types of light switches, including dimmer switches, so it will just come down to personal preference.

Smart Outlets

Smart plugs are one of the easiest smart home devices to use. They enable you to turn on or switch off any wired appliance that is connected to it. This is done via a simple tap on your phone or a voice command, all depending on which option you have chosen.

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Smart plugs are easy to install and more affordable than you realize. Air-conditioners, lawn sprinklers, and lights are the best things to connect to smart plugs because they will make your life so much easier.

These modern plugs are versatile and there are many different creative ways that you can use them.

Hang Patio Lighting

Turn your dark patio or unused outdoor space into a fairy-tale wonderland by hanging some beautiful strings of outdoor lighting. You must use light strings designed to be used outdoors, which guarantees that they will work – come rain or shine.

Outdoor lighting instantly adds a romantic and warm element to the atmosphere and is perfect for outdoor dinners and parties. These gorgeous strings of light go by many names including, fiesta lights and even festoon lights – regardless of what you call them, they are a welcome addition to any outdoor area.

Install A Feature Light

Feature lighting is perfect for making a statement. Be bold in your choice; your statement should be a loud echo of your style and décor taste – not a faint whisper. A feature light can be a chandelier or a pendant, or even a cluster of pendants – it is up to you.

You first need to identify the area or room you would like to use, like the kitchen – and then find the perfect light fixture to do that space justice. Feature lights are a great way to modernize your home and give your friends and neighbors something to talk about for ages.

Replace Old Breakers

You need to inspect your home’s circuit breakers from time to time and replace ones that aren’t working or are showing signs of imminently failing. Check each breaker by making sure it is not too hot, it doesn’t have a burning smell, nor are there any visibly frayed wires sticking out.

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Choose quality ones, like Challenger breakers, and replace your current breakers sooner rather than later. Faulty breakers can be incredibly hazardous and often cause house fires.

Add a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans might be the last thing on your mind during the colder months, but now is the perfect time to install one. They are enjoying a massive comeback in luxury homes around the country, largely because the modern models are trendy and stylish.

One of the biggest perks of installing a ceiling fan is that it can drastically reduce your electric bill. So often, people use air-conditioners on hot days when all that is required is something to create a draft and promote airflow.

That is where ceiling fans come in; they instantly cool down a room and consume less than half of the energy that an air conditioner does.

Install a Doorbell Camera

Doorbell cameras are a smart way to know who is at the door, even when you are not at home. It is a simple and cost-effective way to make your life simpler and safer.

These handy little gadgets are simple to install and can help you keep an eye on your kids, particularly those who come to visit your kids when you are not around. And, let’s face it – it is 2022, we all screen calls, so why not screen your visitors too?

Install Garden Lights

Landscape garden lighting not only looks great but also helps to deter criminals from entering your premises. Install garden lights to help you enjoy your backyard safely. Garden lighting will help to guide your path and effectively help you see where you are going.

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Don’t choose massively bright lights to light your garden path – all they will end up doing is blinding you and your guests as you try and navigate your way around at night. Garden lights are a charming addition to any backyard, and they are not at all complicated to install. 

If you want to, you can choose a solar-powered option to make the job even easier.

To End

There are some electrical projects that you shouldn’t do on your own unless you are experienced and qualified to do them – like installing stoves or undertaking rewiring projects. All you will need for the other projects is a simple online tutorial. Good luck and be safe.

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