The Best Craft Ideas for a Yarn Bowl


Ove the years, the handmade wooden yarn bowl craft has seen many transformations when it comes to knitting. Knitters are always looking for better ways to prevent their yarns from persistently tangling. Untangling a yarn can be so frustrating and time-consuming especially if it happens when you’re already in the middle of a project.

Think of that feeling you have when your ball of yarn suddenly rolls away from you and collects hair and link in the process. A tangled yarn brings that similar feeling. Only a lot more intense. This issue has haunted many yarners up to the point that people had to come up with creative handmade wooden yarn bowl craft ideas.

On the brighter side, you can say that the continuous tangling of the yarns has created new job opportunities like the yarn bowl crafts. You may think you’re doing fine preventing your yarn from tangling as you work. But wait until you use a good yarn bowl craft. How you view and yearn will totally change. If anything, you will be more grateful for having read this article.

Here are some of the best handmade wooden yarn bowl crafts that you might want to have a look at.

1.Bamboo bowl

To craft this fantastic piece of artwork, you need to have a bamboo Ikea Blanda bowl. There will, of course, be some splintering involved. So, you need to be extra careful when crafting this handmade wooden yarn bowl. You can use the Dremel to make the splintering on this bowl. Your yarn ball will stick to its position and have no chance of rolling away from you even as you knit.

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2.Plastic container

This handmade yarn bowl is much simpler and easier to make as it involves the use of some plastic containers. All you need to do is drill a perfectly shaped circle on the side of your container, and you’re all set. This handmade yarn bowl also helps to ensure that your yarn stays clean throughout the entire time you use it as you can shut the container with its lid. You won’t have to worry about any dirt or hairs getting trapped on your yarn ball again.

3.Polymer clay yarn bowl

If you are looking to be craftier with your handmade yarn bowl, then this is the best one yet for you. Polymer clay yarn bowls can be pretty colorful. Plus, you can always create your own polymer clay yarn bowl using the polymer clay. Get creative and design your own unique out-of-the-box design. You will keep appreciating your handiwork each time you use it or yarn.

4.Jar yarn dispenser

Did you know that you can also turn some of those empty jars that lie around in your home into beautiful yarn bowls? Jar yarn dispensers are great in that they act more like all-around yarn organizers. You can use jars of all sizes and shapes. As long as your yarn can comfortably fit into your jar. Your only job here will be to drill holes on top of your jar lids, and you’ll be all set to go.

5.Binder clip

You can also always go simple and use a binder clip to make your handmade wooden yarn bowl. Just clip a binder clip on the rim of your bowl, and that’s it. You suddenly have your own handmade yarn bowl. You only need to find a big enough bowl that your binder clip can comfortably grip and you get to yarning.

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6.Flowerpot string dispenser

Crafty yarners have been as creative as using even the home flowerpots as handmade wooden yarn bowls. Plus, there’s nothing much to it. You only need to turn your flowerpot upside down over your yarn ball and expose its drainage hole upwards. You then need to guide your yarn string through the flowerpot drainage hole. And there you have it. A simple and stress-free yarn bowl that requires no hassle. You can now yarn without having to worry about your yarn ball going wayward.

7.Teapot yarn dispenser

Surprisingly, people tend to come up with some pretty creative ideas as long as it gets to make their work easier. The teapot yarn dispenser idea easily ranks as the prettiest and simplest idea by far. You now no longer have to let your old teapots idle around gathering dust when you can re-purpose them into pretty yarn dispensers.

8.Colander yarn dispenser

You can also use some of your kitchen tools to make your yarning experience easier and more fun. Nobody said that kitchen tools were only meant for cooking. Some imaginative and resourceful yarners have used kitchen items such as colanders as yarn dispensers. You can also use your kitchen colander to store your yarns when not using them. Just let the end of your yarn string slip through one of the colander holes, and you’re set to start yarning.

9.Kleenex yarn dispenser

This is yet another cheap and effective way to make a handmade wooden yarn bowl. It also doesn’t involve much hassle. You only need to have a good Kleenex box and a drill to make a decent hole in it. Then put your yarn ball in it and guide the end of your yarn string through the hole and voila! You have your own homemade yarn bowl in a matter of minutes.

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Final thoughts

It’s quite easy to find an item in your home that you can use to make your yarning experience easier and fun. The yarn organizers mentioned above can be lifesavers especially if you have to time to spare to head to the store for a yarn dispenser. But even if you did, why would you stress yourself and use the cash when you can save it and still have your own unique yarn dispenser at home?

Remember, you want to have your custom yarn dispenser heavy at the bottom, so it does not tip over while using. The material or household items you use also shouldn’t snag on the yarn. Not unless you want to add more stress to your yarning. Otherwise, happy yarning.

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