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Most people think the focal point of a dinner party is the dinner itself. However, hosts know that half the work goes into setting the table, and making it an attractive display. Tablescaping is hard. It’s equal parts style, logistics, and time.

Depending on the season and the occasion, your tablescape will vary. So, before you get ready to host your next dinner party, start planning on the seasonal tablescape your dinner table and drafting tables for display the perfect message for the guest.


Your winter dinner table should be a mixture of warm vibes and cool tones. Whites, deep blues, and purples are beautiful winter tablecloth colors. Add a touch of gold fringes or ribbons for a slight glow. The best centerpiece for a winter tablescape is matching silver or gold candlesticks, or just a candelabra. A warm candlelight will spice up any winter feast.

For every tablescape, seasonal accents are a lovely touch. In the winter, this may mean placing some glass bowls with pine cones along either side of your centerpiece for an added wintry touch.


Pastels are your best friend in the spring. Powder pinks, yellows, greens, and blues are ideal for the table cloths, napkins, and placemats. Instead of placemats, you might even consider paper doilies. They add a delicate and feminine touch, while also offering an understated appearance.

As for the centerpiece, opt for a flower arrangement or a bowl of painted eggs. If you do invest in a floral centerpiece, choose less boldly colored flowers. Avoid vibrant red roses or deep violets. Yellow sunflowers, pink tulips, and white chrysanthemums are the best choices.

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Summer is where you can get creative with your tablescape. It can be a mix of colors, designs, and centerpieces. Incorporate all kinds of bright blues and oranges to make for an eclectic, outdoorsy tablescape.

You can even play around by changing up each place setting, making them different colors and styles. Some woodsy touches, like a baby’s breath flower arrangement in a mason jar or a bamboo runner, will truly add a touch of rustic elegance to your summer tablescape.


When we think of a fall tablescape, we often think of Thanksgiving dinner. Despite popular belief, your 35 pound butterball turkey is not your centerpiece! As you may have guessed, the ideal of a fall tablescape consists of a lot of autumnal colors – warm oranges, deep greens, and chocolatey browns to start.

Miniature pumpkins and a colorful cornucopia make great centerpieces. Consider nestling some orange or brown candlesticks in a fall foliage flower arrangement. You can scent it with cinnamon essential oil or clove for maximum effect.

When determining your fall tablescape, think warm tones. This is your guideline.

General Considerations

There are a few all-season, general tips for proper tablescaping. Follow these rules and your dinner guests will always be delighted by your setup.

  • Always use a runner on long, rectangular tables. It’s an effortless way to add a splash of color.
  • Never go without a centerpiece. No matter how simple, something should always be the focal point.
  • Use doilies on round tables. While you may not be able to add a runner to a round dinner table, you can place a decorative circular doily beneath your centerpiece for a touch of elegance.
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Tablescaping is an interior design art that is often overlooked but deeply important. Having your table always well-made according to the season will make your home more inviting and festive.

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