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DIY Wooden Floor Repair Tips that You Can Try


Home maintenance is one of the things that many people struggle with. It is worth noting that when you have a wooden floor, the chances are that it might get spoilt any time. When such a thing happens, is advisable to contact the most reliable parquet floor polishing Singapore residents would hire. Otherwise, here is the comprehensive list of the tips you can utilize at home to repair your wooden floor.

1. Scratches or Gouges

Scratches or Gouges
Whether you have dogs and kids, or you simply forget to remove your stilettos while walking on the wooden floors, it will most likely end up with gouges and scratches. The good news is that fixing such damages is very simple. Just apply wax and acrylic floor polish when the scratches are slight. The problem with this technique is that the wax and acrylic might turn dull after some time. When that happens, you will have no option but to remove them. You must make sure to think carefully before using this tip. If the scratches are deep such that you can see the bare wood, consider using coating the wood stain that matches the wood.

2. Squeaky Floorboards

Squeaky Floorboards
It is normal for the wood to pull away from each other and far away from the subfloor during the dry winter season. If this happens, there is always infernal squeaking sound produced when the floor is stepped on. If you can gain access to the under-floor, let someone walk on it as you try to locate the wobbly areas. Try to insert a shim with the wood glue in between the joist and the sub-floor and this will help to reduce the bounce of the floors that causes the squeaks.

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3. Water Damage

Water Damage
If you have had a leak and the woods get drenched with water, chances are the hardwoods have suffered with stains and wrapping. If the wooden floor has been stained from the water, make sure that you wipe it dry by wiping out the puddles. You can then use the heater or hairdryer to dry the floor further until all the moisture in the woods and sub-floor is taken out completely. On the other hand, black stains require that you mark out the stained location with the painter’s tape then remove the finish by sanding it with the sixty-grit sandpaper, working all the way to 120-grit; you can also apply the mineral spirits on a steel wool. This will help to get rid of the stains from your wooden floor.

4. Refinish Floors

Refinish Floors
The refinishing of the wooden floor should not be a long process to undertake. As long as you are not dealing with deep scratches, or heavy paths that have worn out the finish, you can simply apply a chemical etching product and have the work done. If you are just trying to make the floor look fresh and clean, just take out the furniture and use a vacuum cleaner to make the floor look new again. You are also advised to use the etcher by using the materials proffered in the etching kit.

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