Shower Doors by AGM Glass Design- Know About it in Deep

Are you bored with your old bathroom? Why don’t you give it a new look? Installing the glass shower doors will be a good way to enhance the look of your bathroom and make it look beautiful. AGM glass design offers you the shower doors in the pleasing designs and these are available at budget-friendly rates. The glass shower cubicle will make a separate space within your bathroom for bathing. They also as a partition as well as restrict the vision from external.

About the shower door services-

Shower doors by AGM glass design are offered in customizable size, and designs. They usually make use of 3/8 or ½ inch of tempered glass to manufacture these. They also have a team of professionals who cut and customize them to fit well in your bathroom. They also offer installation services so as to install these and so you need not go to hire any other services, they are giving you product plus installation and repair services.

Some of the door enclosures you can find at their showroom are-

  • Corner enclosure- these are highly popular among the customers as they can help transform your ordinary bathroom into a luxury bathroom. Corner enclosures are very customizable as well as designed to meet specified configuration. For adding beauty and the luxury, they offer textured as well as patterned glass option as well as a wide array of hardware choices.
  • Semi-frameless and framed shower enclosure-

To give your bathroom versatility the frames or semi-frameless enclosures are best. They offer you these with different layouts and they can be another best choice for adding beauty to your bathroom.

  • Single shower doors- to give your bathroom a modern and sleek look single shower doors are best. You can get both narrow and wide type of glass doors or else get it customized as per your needs; their expert will produce it in the style, finishes, and types you want.
  • Spray panels- these are single fixed pieces of glass which are wide enough to stop water from spraying out of the space of shower. These spray panels can also be customized to fit your style and installed on the top of the bathtub easily by the AGM experts.
  • Steam enclosure- these are shower enclosure which spans from shower curb to the ceiling. This is a full heighted enclosure which allows you to trap the steam of the shower and make a sauna effect. There is a transitional panel given above the doors which flip open or shut so as to let the steam escape when you are done with a bath.
  • Inline enclosure- makes a bathroom of your dream with the inline enclosure. They are offered in endless configuration designs by the AGM. You can make choice from the variety of hardware and the glass options.
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Benefits of the shower doors-

  • Low maintenance- one of the main benefits you get by installing the glass shower enclosure is that they require low maintenance. They are easy to clean and very durable thus they last for long. Chances of mold or mildew to develop are very rare. There is also a protective coating done on the glass to reduce water or soap scum spots. They are constructed well and need fewer repairs.
  • Make your bathroom spacious- when you install the glass enclosure in your small bathroom then space looks bigger as well as more spacious. In addition to it, these enclosures make better air flow when you compare it with other shower frames.
  • Customizable design- choosing a glass shower enclosure is best as they are customizable. AGM experts have wide range glass door designs so one can explore them and opt one which matches your bathroom design and sits well in your bathroom.
  • The safe and secure- glass shower enclosure is a safer option than the shower curtains which are leaky and make a slip, as well as fall hazard. Glass shower enclosure reduces chances of mishaps in the bathroom, as there will be less water and less clean up needed after a shower.

About AGM glass design-

AGM is a glass sales service as well as installation company at present serving the commercial, resident clients in tri-state area. They have dedicated themselves to supplying the best workmanship of the product and also they offer great customer services. They make use of the state of art and their expert craftsmen make the different shape and size of glass product. They can easily fabricate any shower or tub enclosure type. The entire model is made using the best material and with the latest technologies. The shower of your imaginations can be easily customized by them.

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Their services not only include shower doors but they make a wide range of items like glass shelves, tabletops, mirrors, and seamless glass backsplash which is offered to you in many colors. Their hard work and excellent teamwork had made them be the best in the industry. If you wish to avail their services then you can contact them.

You just need to provide simple information about yourself like name, number, address, and email address. They will contact you can tell them your needs they will send their team to your home and get the installation work completed within the given time period. If you wish to get estimate then it is provided to you for free so you can request it.


You can also go and visit their showroom, you can see better shower designs and also you can specify the design. They will make you satisfied with their budget-friendly and efficient designs. The address of their showroom can be noted from their page and you can see the schedule of opening and closing of the showroom.
Shower doors by AGM Glass design will suit any type of bathroom. Also, other services offered by them so, if you need them then you can avail them. If you have any query then fax, email or call them now!

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