7 Home Improvements For Protecting Your Family

Our homes keep us safe from harsh environments and natural disasters. With reinforced security locks and other systems in place, we can stay confident that our loved ones are safe from any form of external threats.     

The fact remains that we can never be fully guaranteed security and protection. However, you can create your own plan to reduce the risk of threats and protect your family through these home improvement projects: 

Weatherproof Your Home

You may have settled in a community that’s prone to natural disasters and harsh weather. So, make an inventory of the physical protection tools in your home and identify major vulnerabilities. 

Various natural disasters call for specific modes of home improvement methods. For instance, to be safe from earthquakes, it may be best to weatherproof some of your fixtures to keep them more secure and prevent them from potential damages. For tornado-battered localities, an underground room is one of the best ways to protect your family.      

In the event of major disasters, access to basic necessities may be affected. It’s always a good idea to have access to safe and potable water. You can check out some websites such as https://www.filtap.com.au/ for reliable water filters for different needs.

Reinforce Your Door Locks

As the entryway to your home, doors play a key role in your family’s protection. Most burglaries are said to be caused by unlocked or less-secure doors and windows. To discourage felons from attacking your home, check all your door and window locks. Make sure they’re not flimsy and that the frames and hinges are firm. Consider installing a deadbolt, adding a door lock that can only be opened from the inside, and replacing your door metal plates with stronger and bigger ones. If you have a hollow door, replace it with a solid door. 

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Transferring to a new home? One of the first and most important steps you should take is to change all the locks to prevent the former owners from having access to your residence. Hiring the services of professional locksmiths is the best way to go about this measure.     

Secure Your Windows

As mentioned, windows are vital entry points for criminals, too. Increase your family’s protection by making the locks harder to break into. Consider adding more locks, strong levers, or window bars. Have a window security film reinforce your glass windows. If you want to take a step further, add in window sensors to alert you of any potential break-ins.   

If you want to protect your family from harsh elements and glass shards in the event of strong winds, consider having impact-resistant windows installed and custom-made hurricane shutters.

Upgrade to A Smart Garage

If burglars can’t access your home, the next best target is your garage. If thieves can’t get their hands on your valuables, they may attempt to steal your vehicle. Hence, apart from making your home secure, have your garage protected, too. 

Secure your garage as you would your main house. Keep your garage door opener inside the house and never share your code with anyone. Never key in the security code for your security systems while other people, even your neighbors, are around.   

If you can afford it, switch to a smart garage door opener. Don’t invite prying eyes into your garage by always keeping the door down.

Have Security Cameras Installed

CCTVs or security cameras are slowly becoming an important component in crime prevention and law enforcement. Most security cameras offer mobile or remote viewing, which means you can access the videos footages in real-time or record them, anywhere you may be. In case something happens in your home and the neighboring areas, you can show the footage to the police to help pinpoint the perpetrator.     

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To make the most out of your security cameras, choose units with advanced features such as night vision, motion detection, light adjustment, and others. Aside from having security cameras installed, some gadgets are aimed at helping homeowners prevent burglary.  

Security cameras can work on their own or become part of a home security system.  

Set up A Security System

Have a professional assess your home protection vulnerabilities. But be very careful as it may put you at a higher risk of burglary, especially if you fail to choose the right contractor. If you want more input, you may request your local police department to give useful insights on how to protect your family and your property better. 

Upgrade To A Smart Home

Take your family and home protection to greater heights by upgrading your residence into a smart home. A smart home can be pricey, but it can enhance protection and security. Apart from taking control of our door locks, security cameras, lights, and other appliances, it can also promote energy efficiency. You have total control over the entire operations of your home. 

For instance, you can keep the lights off within specific parts of your home, or turn them on for when your family leaves for a long trip. A smart home can notify you of any suspicious activities inside your residence, such as burglaries and fire. 

Exercise extreme caution in operating your smart home, as it can be prone to hacking. Make sure to update your codes and the app regularly.

Final Thoughts

More than physical home improvements, your home should be a place for nurturing a culture of security and safety. Train your family to perform basic responses to emergencies such as burglary and natural disasters. Supply your loved ones with important contact numbers and grant them easy access to a phone. Create an emergency plan to protect them from potential burglaries and other untoward incidents.

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