5 Home Improvements That Really Can Boost Curb Appeal

Home improvement projects that enhance curb appeal have a lot more to offer than a better view of your property from the street; these kinds of projects can increase home value significantly. More than that, enhancing curb appeal is also the best way to attract buyers when listing your home because curb appeal influences the perceived value of a property as well. 

So, if you’re wondering where to start, here are the top five curb appeal improvements to consider. 

Roof Maintenance And Repair

There’s no doubt that a shabby, neglected roof will plummet property value and appeal instantly. In addition, a neglected roof will also degrade the structural integrity of your home, leading to extensive property repair needs in the near future. 

While roof repair and maintenance will extend the overall lifespan of your roof, saving you time and money over the years, roofing services will also keep your utility bills in check and boost curb appeal. 

Garage Door Repair And Replacement

A shabby roof is not the only part of your home that can degrade value and appeal; the condition of the garage door is equally as necessary. Beyond the impact on home value and appearance, a worn-down garage door can also be a daily frustration. 

So, if you have been battling with an old, rusty garage door that’s difficult to open and close, it’s worthwhile to consider garage door spring replacement and repairs that will restore curb appeal for your home. 

A Fresh Coat Of Exterior Wall Paint

A fresh coat of exterior wall paint can boost the value of your home by as much as 2 to 5%. Moreover, the costs of this home improvement project are exceptionally low. So, you can expect a tremendously high return on your investment

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However, it’s essential to repaint your home in colors and tones that complement the architecture and the other homes in the neighborhood. 

Vibrant And Modern Landscaping 

Nothing can dress up a home quite as much as the right landscaping. It goes without saying that your front yard upholds first impressions of your home, which is why landscaping is so important. 

It’s wise to opt for a vibrant landscaping plan that incorporates low-maintenance plants while merging modern features like minimal lawns, large cement planters, outdoor lighting, and a careful mix of different natural textures. 

Driveway Maintenance And Repair

Even though you might not notice the condition of your driveway while entering and exiting your home, this part of the property dramatically influences curb appeal. While a cracked and well-worn driveway may seem like a small property flaw, these issues can degrade home value. 

Repaving the driveway can boost value by over 5% while upholding superior curb appeal and ensuring your car’s tires stay in good condition. 

Improving the exterior appearance of your home will increase the value of your biggest asset. Great curb appeal also makes it easier to sell a property. But beyond the financial rewards of these home improvement projects, boosting curb appeal will also enhance your lifestyle and safety.

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