How to Do Some DIY Basement Updates


When you think about how to fix your basement, you might think of a variety of different basement changes. Many of those probably require help from an expert, but there are some DIY basement updates that are completely achievable even for DIYers without a lot of experience. If you want to change your basement a bit, consider these five easy DIY basement upgrades.

1. Add Extra Basement Storage

Creating a basement storage system or expanding the storage system you already have is simple, easy, and something anyone can do with just a quick trip to the hardware store. That makes it the perfect option for DIY basement adjustments. Whether you already have one or you’re creating one for the first time, extra basement storage can completely transform your basement.

2. Paint the Basement Walls

It’s truly amazing how much a coat of paint can radically change the way your basement looks. There’s a reason, after all, that many homeowners opt to paint their basement when they decide to sell a house. As long as you put down a coat of primer and choose a durable paint, you may even be able to paint concrete basement walls without requiring drywall.

3. Improve Air Quality Issues

Air quality problems in your basement can easily lead to air quality problems in the rest of the home as well. That’s why it’s so crucial to fix air quality problems as soon as you notice them. If you’ve already gone through the waterproofing process in your basement, you may want to install a basement dehumidifier to remove traces of excess humidity that can feel oppressive and be damaging to items in the basement itself.

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4. Update Your Drop Ceiling

Especially if your home is a little bit older, you may have a drop ceiling in your basement. A drop ceiling provides easy access to electrical and plumbing elements that may be in the ceiling of your basement, but it can also look dated and may easily become stained. Consider looking for vinyl replacement tiles that fit into your existing T-bar grid so you don’t have to change very much.

5. Cover Window Wells

Basement windows allow light into the basement and make the basement look much more open, but that can come at a cost. A basement window also requires a basement window well, which can trap rain and snow, causing it to leak into the basement, and it can also trap debris in the window well. The answer is a clear window well cover, which you can install on your own with a trip to the hardware store.


DIY basement updates give you a sense of accomplishment and can make your basement look a little nicer. No matter what you’re interested in updating, you can likely accomplish it, and these things are great options if you want to DIY your own basement updates. Remember, if you’re having structural concerns, talk to an expert before you start messing around in your basement.

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