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6 Sizzling Ways to Decorate Your Wedding with Candles

I love candles; they are much more for me than just a decoration item. The soft light of the candles not only add beauty to the event but they also add romance and amber glow to any event that is just flattering. Therefore, candles are must decoration item at a wedding or any event related to a wedding. Not just this, there is a wide variety of different candles available in the market. From taper candles to pillar candles and many more. In addition to this, you can also use add-ons such as antique-looking lanterns, Brass Candelabras, or wooden holders. If you are confused about how are you going to light your reception or room with candles? Be our guest! We have decided to share 6 Sizzling ways to decorate your wedding with candles.

Decorating the Table with Candles:

For Ballroom Soiree:

Ballroom Soiree
If you are going to offer a sit-down meal at your reception, dress your tables in wow-worthy décor with candles. You can simply use a single type of candle or a mix of different types of candles to decorate the tables at a ballroom soiree. Tapered candles work amazingly when they are used as a centerpiece. Their glow is more visible due to their height. You can use gold candelabras to come up with a simple and elegant display. You can also find colored tempered candles that can easily go with your wedding theme. If you are using simple white tapered candles, wrap it with small flowers with vibrant colors. It will add glamour to the look.

For Vintage Style Look:

Vintage Style Look
Decorative pewter lanterns, metal hurricane lamps, and wooden lanterns can be used for giving a vintage style look to your wedding. If these are wreath with romantic flowers such as peonies, roses, Daucus carota, and some greenery, you will not require anything else to decorate your table.

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For a modern look go for glass orbs! These orbs can be used in different ways to add sparkle to your wedding day. Hanging votive candles in different glass orbs and votive candles on the floor turn your simple wedding into oh-so-romantic one. In addition to this, if you are arranging your wedding at a garden you can utilize these orbs by hanging them to the trees and even you can take vows under one of these candle trees. Use scented candles, it will add some more romance to your wedding. To find some perfect scented candles for your wedding check this out.

Cinderella Staircase and Ramp:

Cinderella Staircase and Ramp
Again a combination of greenery, candles, glass orbs or wooden lantern set on the staircase or lining the aisle will create a similar scene that is portrayed in one of your favorite Hollywood movies. You will feel so special that you would not be able to forget this moment your wedding day in your entire life.

Tall Candelabras and Metal Screen Backdrop

Tall Candelabras and Metal Screen Backdrop
Metal screen backdrop with minimal greenery, blush roses, and votive candles are just so amazing. You can even enhance the backdrop by adding floor tall candelabras at the side of the metal backdrop.

These are a few amazing ways you can use candles to light up your wedding day.

About the Author:

This post is written by Andrea Johnson. She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She is currently a student of Interior Designing at the California Arts School. She regularly writes blogs at Wax & Wick.

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