5 Creative DIY Ideas to Display Fresh Flowers

There’s nothing quite like fresh flowers. Sure, there are gifts that are far more lavish and others that are perhaps specific to an individual, but fresh flowers are a universal thing. It’s a gesture that everyone appreciates right away.

There are some basic contexts in which flowers are given, and they’re well-known. Sometimes it’s in commiseration, other times it’s a signifier of romance, but in this little list, we will look at some options that are purely decorative. 

That Vintage Tin Look

Many of us have old junk lying around that we never spare a thought for. In sheds and garages across the land, there are old cans and tins that once held all sorts of things. It can range from cigars to ammunition, but the effect is the same. 

Using these old tins can create a wonderful vintage look, and the rusty patina often contrasts very well with the bright colors of the bunch. It’s a great way of putting old stuff to use for a change, too. 

What could be more strikingly unusual than walking into a room to find a brilliant bunch of zinnias that seem to be exploding out of an old munitions can? Or a lovely, soft arrangement of petunias flowing over the side of a cigar tin? 

Suitcases, Chests, or Trunks

You may think it’s odd to use a suitcase or trunk in this way, but when you think of the older kinds of these, it makes sense. Those suitcases with rigid sides are perfect for arranging flowers in, especially if you’ve cut quite a few at once. 

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Getting folks to notice is precisely the point of flower arrangement, to begin with. When others see an old trunk with flowers sitting on a table, it stops them in their tracks. It creates a real sense of incongruity in your display.

Whether we call it repurposing, recycling, upcycling, or anything else, using older objects for new ideas has a good feeling about it! 


If you’re one of the many people who have old porcelain teapots lingering in cupboards and closets, it’s an opportunity. If you have cut flowers from the garden, all you have to do is dust off that old teapot, and voila! 

The neat thing about this is that the pot is designed to be watertight, so you can keep things fresher for longer this way. The pots come in every shape, size, and color you can think of, so you can really get carried away with this option. 

Old Bottles

Old glass bottles are a little less common because they break over the years, but they also work nicely. There’s a certain collectible retro-chic to this option, so if you find an old bottle, you might want to hang onto it for this. 

In some cases, these old bottles can even be very valuable. It’s just a nice touch to have your fresh-cut roses peering out from the top of a misty glass bottle that’s been around the block a few times. 

Graters, Colanders, and Such

Kitchens are full of all sorts of goodies that can house flowers. An upturned grater makes a surprising vase, for example. It’s part of the fun of this kind of project that you can think out of the box a bit.

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Similarly, if you have some shorter stemmed flowers, they can be bunched very beautifully into a colander or strainer. This will give you a gently rounded top to your bunch and makes a perfect centerpiece for any table. 

Many folks mostly use their colanders for holding things already since they make such ideal storage vessels. Fruit, veg, wads of paper, and even keys are kept in them all over the world, no doubt. 

A Final Thought

Repurposing things is kind of vogue right now. Even if it weren’t, it would still be a very clever and thoughtful way to avoid waste and revive stuff that’s seen better days. When you start creating like this, you may find it’s quite hard to stop! 

It’s all about the flowers and coming up with fresh and zany ways to show them off to advantage. What’s especially good about using old and unusual objects like this is the contrast that happens. It’s an effect all by itself, in fact. 

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