10 Tips for Creating Your Wedding Decorations

Your wedding decorations are what can really bring the wow factor to your reception and even the plainest of spaces can be transformed into a palatial wedding venue with the right décor.

Once you have a theme and colour scheme in mind you can start looking for inspiration for your big day. At this point you can narrow it down to decorations that you can make yourself and those that are far beyond your crafting or flower arranging abilities!

Be sure to keep your budget in mind throughout as you can quickly rack up a big decorations bill when it comes to planning everything from floral centerpieces to that candy cart you have been dreaming about.

The world of wedding decorations can be a tricky one to navigate so Rosemood, purveyors of personalised wedding invitations and stationery, are here to share their top 10 tips for creating your wedding decorations to point you in the right direction!

1. Exploit your chosen colour palette: Choose an accent colour to tie all of your decorative items together. It really is as simple as ensuring that you have one flower in your centrepieces that matches the ribbon tied around your wedding favours. Exploring different shades of the same colour can also help you add depth and variety to your decorations.

2. Embrace the style of your venue: Create your wedding decorations to suit your venue. Opt for understated finishing touches if you are getting married in a country house or castle-style venue as these reception venues usually feature a large amount of decorative elements including patterned wallpaper, wood panelling and showy furniture. For more industrial or rustic spaces that are often more of a blank canvas, you can allow yourself to get creative with colour and more imposing decorative items. Also bear in mind venue restrictions when it comes to decorations as there is no point in embarking on DIY bunting if you are not able to pin it to the wall!

3. Stick to your theme (if you have one): Whether you have chosen a classic rustic theme to suit your style or a Harry Potter theme based on your shared love of the film, keep this theme running through all of your wedding decorations to plunge your guests into your chosen universe as they enter your venue!

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4. Add a touch of personality: As well as being a reflection of your theme and colour scheme, your decorations should also reflect your personality and shared interests. Your wedding is all about you so your decorations should be too!

5. Create depth and height: Add drama and romance to your wedding table decorations by varying the height of any vases, candles etc. Adding height to your décor is perfect for drawing your guests’ eyes upwards to the beautiful high ceilings of your stately venue or the rustic beams of your wedding barn!

6. But think about visibility: Whilst tall centrepieces really make a statement and are ideal for breaking up a fairly white space, be careful not to have these fall at head height so that your guests can still see each other across your tables!

7. Consider the space on a practical level: Think about the shape of your tables when planning your decorations and be careful not to clutter your tables as your guests will need space to be able to enjoy their meal comfortably. You will also need to think about not blocking access in and out of the room, (or to the all-important dance floor), when planning on larger decorations such as decorative trees, giant floral initials or photo booths!

8. Stick to seasonal flowers or foliage: These will help you bring a little of the outside world in and will tie your decorations in with the time of the year. Keeping seasonal is usually a way to keep your flower bill down too!

9. Get creative with DIY wedding decorations: Creating some of the easier decorations yourself is a great way to save yourself some pennies for another part of the day. DIY wedding favours are a great money-saving option and DIY table plans can also help anticipate any last minute changes to the final guest list!

10. Use your wedding stationery as inspiration: if you fell in love with your wedding invitations, use the same motifs and colours in your decorations too! Classic on-the-day wedding stationery, such as escort cards and table numbers, becomes an integral part of your table decorations and are an easy way to convey your theme.

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