Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

The following are some of the factors to consider when selecting the best diamond ring.

4 Cs

The buyer should know about the color, cut, clarity, and weight. The buyer should be able to know what to compromise on to save to buy a bigger size because women will always love a bigger diamond ring.

Understand the different types of diamond shapes, diamond cutting styles and diamond cut quality
The shape of the diamond is the view of the diamond when viewed from above. Cutting style refers to the arrangement of the diamond facets while the quality is how the arrangements of the facets interact with the light. The above are essential to determine which goes with the personality of the woman. For everything you need to know before buying a diamond ring and even a variety of rings to look at, Vanessa Nicole’s guide is another great place to look!

Pick a metal for the band

The metal to choose should complement the diamond with the most popular being white gold and platinum since they make the diamond ring appear sleek, modern with a touch of class.

Choose the setting

The primary purpose of the setting is to bring out the beauty of the ring and protect it from any damage. One of the most common settings include prong, bezel, and halo which have been highlighted in

Pick side stones

This is basically to decorate the engagement ring. They are meant to make the ring appear elegant, classy and sophisticated.

Look at the diamond under different lighting conditions

The available lighting conditions that can be used include daylight, spotlight, and fluorescent. This is because the reflection of a diamond against lighting should be mesmerizing and dazzling to the eye.

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Get the most sparkle and size

This can be achieved by picking a diamond ring that has a GIA grade that is either excellent or very good. This, however, will require one to choose a ring with more diamonds to enable it sparkle.
One of the ways of making the ring appear big is through an illusion setting where the diamond is made in a head made of fluted metal. One can use a cluster setting by placing similar diamonds of the same size together.

Pick a ring according to her style

One of the ways of determining her style is through observation, enquiring through her friends or one may simply go shopping with her and observe which ring she’s drawn to.

Know her ring size

This may sound like an impossible task, but some of the ways to secretly determine her size is through waiting when she’s left the room and trace the inner circle of one of her rings on a piece of paper. Also, pressing it on a bar soap to make an impression, or slide it in one of your fingers and draw a line, where it stops, will help.

Determine your budget

This will help the one to determine how much to spend. The person should then learn the 4Cs and make some comparison as to which ring fits your budget. An engagement is a massive step in anyone’s life, which is why finding the perfect ring is essential. With that being said, is it worth breaking the bank to buy a ring when there are other options such as buying second-hand rings online. This could be as simple as doing a quick google search into something like shoppok shopping to see what’s on offer. Just because something is used, it doesn’t mean less thought went into buying the ring. At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts and no one needs to know!

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Pick a jeweler

Buy from a jeweler you trust and has a good reputation.

Demand a diamond grading report

Always demand a diamond grading report which highlights the rigs characteristics and whether the ring has been modified to enhance the 4Cs. This will help to eliminate any uncertainty about your choice to buy the ring.

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