3 Important Projects You Should Tackle After a Storm

If there has been a serious storm in your area, there are some important things for you to do after the storm has passed to ensure your family’s safety and wellbeing. Even if you think that your home and property have emerged unscathed, there may be hidden damage that isn’t immediately obvious. Here are a few things you should check after a storm has passed.

Have Your Roof Inspected

Serious storms can be devastating when it comes to your roof. Sometimes the damage is obvious, such as when a large branch or an entire tree falls on the roof. 

However, other times the damage can be much more subtle. A couple of missing shingles in a place that you can’t see from the ground can cause leaks. If you don’t notice the leaks, over time they can result in serious water damage to your insulation or interior support structures or even cause mold to grow if the area remains consistently moist. It is very important to have a well-qualified company check your home for any roof damages that may have resulted from the storm.

Have Trees Checked for Hidden Damage

You will surely notice if a tree falls in your yard, but if branches are damaged or broken, it can be much less obvious. Damaged branches will get weaker over time and may suddenly fall without warning, posing a serious risk to your family and property. Broken branches sometimes get caught so they are just waiting for a reason to fall. 

It’s a very good idea to have an arborist check your trees for any hidden damage that may not be clear to you so that your trees won’t end up being time bombs waiting to threaten your family.

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Look for Damaged Siding

Severe winds can easily pull siding from the walls. If the wind was strong enough to send debris ramming against your house, the debris may have done a lot of damage to the siding. 

Damaged siding isn’t just an eyesore. It can allow moisture into the exterior walls, providing an entry point for mold. Damaged siding can also serve as an easy access point for insects, making it all too likely that an infestation may occur. 

It’s very important to look at your house from every angle, including where siding may be hidden behind hedges or other obstacles, to make sure that there isn’t any damage that you may not have noticed.

Don’t Overlook Important Projects After a Storm

After a serious storm occurs in your area, it can be easy to feel relieved that obvious damage wasn’t done and go about your business. However, sometimes there can be significant storm damage that won’t be immediately obvious. Make sure that you check your roof, trees, and siding carefully after a storm or have a professional check these things for you. 

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