5 Popular Types of Hurricane Shutters for Commercial Buildings

If you live in Florida or Texas, you can’t help but know that it’s a hurricane-prone zone. The dreaded storms have caused massive destruction to both life and property. But companies are now providing preventive solutions as well, and here, we’re talking specifically about hurricane shutters (sometimes called storm panels). These shutters are used to mitigate hurricane damage by protecting homes and businesses from the severity of the storms.

Hurricane shutters are meant to withstand extreme winds and to block debris from entering through doorways and windows. By securing your doors and windows and preventing them from getting shattered during a high-velocity storm, you gain the best protection possible for your property when you can’t be there yourself.

Hurricane shutters are a versatile and cost-effective part of a property protection strategy.

A report from Global Newswire says that the global storm panel market is projected to grow to $623.1 million by 2025, which proves you’re not alone when you consider this solution.

Here are seven styles of hurricane covers are popular for the ongoing protection of your home or business.

Best-in-Class Fabric Hurricane Shutter

Fabric hurricane shutters for commercial buildings are shutters manufactured from a super-strong material that does not require professional installation.

Fabric storm shutters have other advantages as well. Fabric hurricane shutters

are budget-friendly in comparison to metal hurricane shutters. If you’re in the market to protect a commercial building, you should look for fabric hurricane covers made of flexible, ballistic-resistant material.

This type of hurricane panel provides good security against strong winds as well as protection against UV rays.

It is easier to install a fabric shutter than plywood, but you need to anchor them properly before a storm. Hurricane shutters are fastened to anchors that are installed in the building, then clips attach to those anchors to hold the fabric in place over windows and doors. The best part is that after the storm has passed, you can fold them up, stow them, and reuse them in the future. It means you’re always ready, at a cost that most homeowners and businesses can afford.

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2. Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Accordion hurricane shutters can prove to be an ideal choice if you want to secure large doors, windows, and entryways during a severe storm. You can fasten these shutters to a long track that runs above or below the opening.

Another convenient feature of accordion hurricane shutters is that while they are permanently installed on the side of your building, doorway, or window frame, they fold into a relatively small space. So, they are out of the way when you don’t need them, and ready to go when you do.

When it comes to buying accordion hurricane shutters, check the material. The best shutters are made from extruded aluminum slats that include a locking system.

Manufacturers usually provide an optional key to lock the shutters for additional security. There is also extra space between the windows and shutters to allow insulation to keep the home warm or cool in non-storm situations.

Bahamas-Style Hurricane Shutters

Bahamas-style hurricane shutters are most popular and extensively used in tropical, warm climates. The shutter derives its name from the island nation in the West Indies.

One of the reasons there’s a high-demand for Bahamas-style hurricane shutters is that they have definite advantages during non-hurricane seasons as well. They are known for their attractive appearance and add architectural interest to tropical homes because they come in a variety of colors and are typically installed at a pleasing 45-degree angle. This adds appeal to the exterior of the house and also provides excellent shade over windows.

Then, when storms approach, the shutters can be adjusted to fit flat against the windows to prevent damage, protect from wind and flying projectiles, and deflect water.

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While it borrows its form from island-style wooden shutters of the past, today’s Bahamas-style hurricane shutter is made from high-quality extruded aluminum, which suits the lightweight construction of tropical homes.

Colonial-Style Hurricane Shutters

Colonial-style hurricane shutters protect your home or commercial external space from violent storms and, at the same time, embellish its appearance. The shutters are an affordable option, permanently attached to your home.

Colonial-style hurricane shutters are manufactured from either steel or aluminum. The coverings are provided with locks and heavy-duty fasteners to withstand severe storms, heavy rain, and flying debris.

Another feature that attracts customers to colonial hurricane shutters is that they can easily combine with various architectural styles, from tropical to traditional. These shutters are more affordable and fastening them shut takes only minutes per opening.

Because these double as architectural elements for your home’s exterior, colonial hurricane shutters are available in a wide range of colors and shapes, such as arched or angled tops, to match the style of your home.

Polycarbonate Hurricane Shutters

Polycarbonate Hurricane Shutters are also known as Storm Panel Shutters. These are made from polycarbonate, aluminum, and steel. These shutters are incredibly useful for people living in high-risk storm areas. If you are one of them, then protect your glass windows with these hurricane shutters.

Polycarbonate Rollac commercial hurricane shutters are strong enough to withstand Category 5 storms. The shutters also provide security against burglaries as thieves cannot easily breach them to access the property.

Statistics from the Insurance Information Institute state that 2019 yielded 18 storms in the US, six of which turned into hurricanes. With numbers like that, it’s time to start thinking about buying hurricane shutters to protect your home from the intensity and damage of the next storm.

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