Are Losing Streaks normal with the Slots Radom Number Generator?

Sometimes, it seems like every spin you make with that fateful leaver is leaving you in the gutter with no wins in sight for a long time. Losing streaks come and go and they are never really up to the player but rather the algorithm behind the game that determines what rolls you get.

This algorithm is also known as the random number generator and that will determine whether you are going to be singing all the way home or will walk away with empty pockets from a losing streak – visit this casino to access games from Microgaming.

We know that a high roller like you will have experienced a few losing streaks in your time, it is not you, it is inevitable to any online casino player, but, we a here to clue you in to how the random number generator aids that so that you can have the upper hand!

What are Random Number Generators?

If you want to understand where losing streaks come from them you are going to need to know a lot about random number generators, trust us when we say that they are the backbone to any online casino game!

Here is a quick overview of RNGs so that you can keep at the top of your game and dominate the slots:

  •         Almost all online slot games use them to generate random possibilities such as cards in blackjack and poker, slot game spins, and roulette turns. They truly are at the heart of the online casino!
  •         They must be random for all players including the dealer, so, if you are on a losing streak, maybe your random number generator is being unfair on that particular game!
  •         They work so that there is no repeatable pattern and that there is an even distribution of outcomes over a longer period of time – this ensures that you are treated fairly.
  •         If the RNG fulfills both the aspects of randomness in the aforementioned, then you have yourself a secure random number generator that will treat you as an equal to your peers… and, most importantly, your dealer!

Though the RNG seems like something that only the online casino game developers should be worrying about, it is imperative that the player understands them too so that they can avoid a losing streak from a game that is possibly untrustworthy.

Why are Random Number Generators so Important?

You may be thinking that RNGs are just a form of jargon that is only applicable to online slot developers and not the little guy playing them, but you need to know why they are so important so you can keep up the winning streak!

Why RNGs are Important to Keep you Winning
Tricky slot sites that are not verified may use an RNG that is warped and puts you on a losing streak!
A good RNG means a good game that you can put your trust in.
Random number generators will give everyone an equally treated hand, meaning that maybe the dealer is put on a losing streak!
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