What Makes Lakeway, TX A Great Place to Live?

Have you started your home buying search and looking for the perfect place to move with your family? If Lakeway, TX is going through your mind, then tell us that living in Lakeway, TX offers you a promising lifestyle. Moving to Lakeway, TX, has its perks due to its demographics, local community, and amenities.

What’s The Demographic Like?

Demographics of a place play an influential role, and it is an essential factor to consider when moving to a new place. Living in Lakeway, TX, feels quite neighbourly because of the 84% owner-occupied homes. The average household size in Lakeway is around 2 to 3 members.

  • Total Population: 15,000
  • Average Age: 48
  • Renters: 16 percent

What Are the Essential Amenities Near Lakeway?

If you want to learn about the neighborhood and how good a place it is to live a lifestyle, you need to know about the nearby amenities. While living in Lakeway, TX, you will get to experience a pretty good works call, which is that there are plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, and a lot more nearby. Are you a coffee lover? Then grab your morning copy from Starbucks. Are you looking for the perfect place to crash for brunch with your friends? Visit Josey’s Bar and Grill or the Back Porch! Do you want to satisfy your sweet cravings or surprise your wonderful neighbors with delicious sweet treats? Visit the dessert shops, including Panera Bread and Snow Mo. 

There are fan-favorite hamburgers joints all over the neighborhood, including Sandy’s Hamburger Hut and Tacqueria Rosita and Burgers. If you have a date night and are looking to have a fun dining experience with a unique taste, you can crash at Cho Sushi Japanese Fusion to satisfy your taste buds with delicious sushi at the weekend. Residents enjoy grocery shopping from Meri Do Food Mart and Sol Reflections.

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Is Lakeway a Walkable City?

The walk score of Lakeway is 12, and the bike score is 19. If you have any chores to finish or run an errand, you need to have a car for that. There is good news for electric car owners because it is the perfect neighborhood to live in if you have an electric or like Tesla. There are two different electric vehicle charging stations located in Lakeway, TX. 

The nearest airport is Austin Bergstrom International Airport. If you want to survive in this neighborhood, you will be car-dependent. It is unacceptable for some people, but it does not bother them a lot. They love driving and have a reasonable amount of time from their day to dedicate to driving!

Education & Kid’s Activities

  • What Are the Best Schools in Lakeway, TX?

Everyone has a different definition of a good school. Some people are interested in schools for their children that offer many extracurricular activities. In contrast, other parents only want to focus on their kids preparing themselves for higher education and academic activities. The A+/A rated public elementary schools in Lakeway, TX, include Lakeway Elementary School, Bee Cave Elementary School, and Serene Hills Elementary School. On the other hand, the middle schools in the district include Lake Travis Middle School and Hudson Bend Middle School. 

Lake Travis High School comes on number 12 in the metro when it comes to the high school in Lakeway, TX. This neighborhood can provide your children with a consistent and smooth long-term experience for their educational journey. The school ratings are impressive, and your children will experience elementary school, middle school, and high school in the same district when living in Lakeway, TX.

  • What Activities Are Available for Children in Lakeway, TX?

If you plan to move to Lakeway, TX, with your family, you need access to playgrounds, parks, day-care centers, and other related amenities for the children. Parents need to have a good day-care center in the district’s proximity if they have a full-time or a part-time job. Little Sunshine’s Playhouse & Preschool, Rainbow’s Edge Childcare, The Goddard School, and Primrose School of Lakeway are your options for Day Care Centres for your children while you are away at work.

  • What Is the Internet Service Like in Lakeway?

When someone is moving to a new locality, the service of internet providers is a significant concern for many people, especially after the pyramid because of the work-from-home situation. This district’s broadband internet connection options include ADSL, Fiber, Wireline, Satellite, DOCSIS, VDSL, and terrestrial fixed wireless devices, and services are provided by 13 different internet service providers in the district. 

  • What Is the Air Quality of Lakeway?

Pollution and a lot of traffic contribute to the air quality of any locality. The walk score of this district is relatively high, so there is a lot of traffic due to people moving around in cars. If you are looking for a district with excellent air quality, you can opt for another neighborhood.

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Is It Worth It to Live in Lakeway, TX?

Yes! Lakeway, TX is a great place to live, considering the luxuries and amenities available for the residents. If you are thinking about moving to Lakeway, TX, you can contact Lakeway Movers to help you out and provide you with a comprehensive moving service to your new neighborhood.

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