5 Tips For A Smooth Move To Your New House

Relocating is never a fun experience. Even if it is for the better, not many people enjoy moving. It is simply because you have a lot to keep in mind and put in order, and moving your whole life around can be stressful.

Luckily, you can do many things to ensure the whole moving ordeal doesn’t get too much for you. We have listed tips that will assist you in maintaining your sense of organization in the days leading up to your relocation: 

Declutter First 

Your new place can only accommodate so much stuff. So if you want to avoid the hassle of moving everything to your new apartment and figuring out where everything will go, you should first reduce the number of items you own. Moving is a very labor-intensive process. But if you start by clearing out the mess, you will save time and energy. 

Consider holding a garage sale if you have the time and resources to do so. It will help you get rid of unwanted items while earning some extra cash along the way. However, if you have expensive and bulky items that you may use in the future, do not take them to the new house, mainly if you have limited space. Instead, consider storing them in a storage unit. Finding a storage unit according to your budget is not difficult these days. For instance, if you live in Nashville, just Google “storage units Nashville” and you shall see plenty of providers that will solve one problem off your moving checklist.  

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Give Enough Time To Packing 

People usually underestimate the time it takes to pack. As a result, they engage in packing at the last minute. Doing a little bit every day is more stress-free than getting everything done in the last few hours before your movers arrive. 

You will need many boxes and packing supplies, including scissors, bubble wraps, packing tape, plastic wraps, marking pens, and more. Local newsletters can have advertisements providing free moving boxes. Make sure you have a wide range of boxes, from wardrobe boxes to bookcase boxes. 

When you are finally ready to pack, start with one area at a time and group items that fall into the same category. Begin by packing the stuff you do not use regularly. Pack the kitchen last, and carefully distinguish each box with the contents they carry and where you will place them in the new house. 

Hire Professional Movers 

If you do not have a generous friend with a spare van, you need to hire a moving company. Their services also ensure you will save your back from lifting heavy objects. Besides, professional movers have the necessary training and experience. In other words, they will carry your load and unload your belongings in the safest possible way. 

That being said, not all moving companies are the same. So it will be wise to consider the following factors before taking them on board: 

  • License and insurance: Do not hire movers who are not licensed and insured. Of course, many people can buy trucks and call themselves professional movers. But only licensed and insured moving companies are legally obligated to secure your property.
  • Online reviews: As soon as you have narrowed down a few companies, check out their reputation. When people encounter a good or terrible moving experience, they leave reviews on various online review platforms. Reading these reviews may help you discover new aspects you had not previously considered during your research. 
  • Rates: It is tough for moving companies to estimate you accurately. But they can give you an approximation of what you might have to pay. Be sure to question what constitutes an additional fee. If they are hesitant to answer this, consider it a red flag and look for a different provider. 
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Take A Stroll Through The New House

It is a good idea to see your new place before moving. If the home was staged the first time you saw it, walking through it again will enable you to visualize how your items will fit. Use a measuring tape to get an even better idea of where things like furniture will go. That way, unloading the moving truck will become a hassle-free process. 

Apart from serving as a vision board, the visit may also allow you to assess whether or not the terms of sale are met. For example, ensure that appliances meant to be left (or removed) are there and that all of the electrical outlets and switches are working properly. If you identify any problem, bring it up to the concerned party, such as the seller or the real estate agent. 

If you are relocating to another state and cannot do a walkthrough in person, talk to your real estate agent about setting up a virtual tour. Nowadays, you can even measure dimensions online, thanks to 3-D scans.  

Take A Moving Day Survival Kit 

A moving-day “survival kit” is a bunch of essentials you keep in a convenient suitcase or box. If you have everything organized beforehand, moving day should go a lot more smoothly because you will not have to keep digging through boxes to find the things you need. 

So what should you add to the survival kit? Well, consider carrying towels, clothes, bed linen, and food. Also, get all your most important documents organized into a single file so you can easily access them during an emergency. Keep in mind that these are just a few recommendations. The exact items of your moving day survival kit depend upon your family’s specific needs. For example, if someone from your family is undergoing a medical condition, you will probably have to take medicines or some medical equipment. 

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The only thing that remains constant is change. And when Americans go through changing circumstances, they are not scared to pack up their stuff and relocate. Are you looking for a new place to live that offers a higher quality of life or a lower monthly rent? Got a job that is taking you to a new city? Regardless of the reason, moving all your possessions can be a complicated process. So, instead of winging it and crossing your fingers that everything gets done on time, establish a detailed plan by following the tips listed above.   

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