Which Type of Garage Door Works Best for Your Home?

Homeowners are always looking for ways to increase the value of their property. One solution is to refurbish your house. Sometimes it takes more than a new coat of paint to get a house looking fresh again especially when you stay in hotter regions like Melbourne. Weather can cause a house to show its age rather quickly.

One aspect of your house that’s easy to replace yourself is your garage door, however, replacing it yourself isn’t always the best option. Sometimes, it’s easier to consult with a garage door professional before trying to replace or install a garage door. This could be a dangerous job, so it might be worth contacting a professional to save you time and hassle. Although, if you’re feeling confident enough to replace the garage door yourself, lucky for you there are many types of garage doors Melbourne companies can offer you. You simply need to know what type of garage door will work best for your home.

Types of Garage Doors to Select From

Manual garage doors are quite old fashioned and deemed unsafe in the modern world especially in high crime areas. Most people prefer to use electronic garage doors as they’re more convenient. You simply press a button on your remote control and the garage door will open.

The most popular style is the overhead electronic garage door. The overhead door allows you to idle as close to the garage door as possible as it rises up and follows the roof of your garage. This is an excellent safety feature as you can enter your garage fast and hassle-free, giving criminals no chance to ambush you.

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Other types of garage doors include the following:

  • Upward acting
  • Retractable
  • Canopy side
  • Hinged sectional retractable

There are three types of materials namely wood, fiberglass and steel that are used to make garage doors. Typically, people opt for a certain material due to the climate they live in or for the aesthetics of their homes.

There’s no ‘best option’: You must simply consider what design you want and the type of material you prefer.

What is the Most Popular Garage Door Design?

As mentioned before the most popular and contemporary garage door is the overhead design. The overhead garage door has many features that add convenience to your home.

These features include automatic open and close sensors. The automatic features are essential because the sensors will immediately stop the garage door from closing if it detects an obstacle in the way. The garage door will then automatically reverse to the open position.

The automatic open and close feature is for added safety for your car and for people entering & exiting the garage by foot. It also prevents children or pets from getting hurt by moving doors.

How Does the Overhead Garage Door Work?

The overhead garage door operates on a rolling system. When you press the button on your remote control the doors will roll up onto the ceiling of your garage.

One reason the overhead is so popular is that it has a silent motor. The garage door will open and close with no grinding or machinery noise.

It’s also quite easy to install the overhead garage door yourself. Ensure you receive a manual and you purchase the correct tools for installation if you plan on a DIY installation. However, if anything goes wrong with the garage door later on down the line, then you might have to seek a professional in garage door repair in chicago or an area near you.

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The Aesthetics of Wooden Garage Doors

The most popular material that’s selected is wood. People opt for a wooden garage door because of the low costs and aesthetics. The only drawback is wood isn’t as durable and will sometimes swell, crack or tarnish over time.

But there are wooden garage doors that are made with robust woods namely oak and cedarwood. These two types of wood require little maintenance and will maintain a fresh look over many years.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are extremely durable because they won’t bend, crack or tarnish. However, it may be susceptible to rust in regions that experience heavy rainfall. If you opt for this type, ensure that the steel is robust and won’t corrode.

Steel doors are easy to maintain because they require no paint or priming. They can be easily cleaned with a mild soap and water mix.

Other advantages of steel garage doors are that they’re cost-effective and will increase the safety of your home. That’s because steel doors are difficult to break into.

To customise the garage door you can add vinyl patterns and designs on the steel surfaces. You can place a vinyl wooden texture on the surface if you want the quality of the steel door but the appearance of a wooden finish.

Fibreglass Garage Doors

Fibreglass garage doors are installed for homes in regions by the ocean. This is because ocean climates can corrode steel doors and make wooden garage doors swell & crack. So the best option is tough fibreglass.

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Advantages of this type include:

  • It has premium structural performance
  • There’s a lower embodied energy
  • They’re lighter in weight
  • DIY installation is easy because the lightweight feature makes for easy handling

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that the superior selection would be a fibreglass garage door. They come in many designs and they will keep their shape for many years. They don’t rot, warp or corrode over time and they’re extremely easy to maintain.

A garage door from your local supplier lets you add elegance, value and security to your home for an instant property upgrade. Which design will you pick?

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