5 Ways to Give Your Home a Much-needed Makeover

If you have lived in your home for quite a while but have not changed it much since then, it might be time to freshen it up a little. Even the smallest of adjustments can make a big difference, so if you are after some inspiration on how you might change each room within your home, then keep reading. 

Here are 5 ways to give your home a much-needed makeover.

The Kitchen

Compared to all the other rooms in our home, the kitchen is most likely the one that will make the most impact in terms of transformations. Paint your cabinet doors, replace them entirely, or, if you like the existing cabinets but want a different look, why not replace your countertops, taps, and tiles instead? 

Whether you want a modern kitchen or something more traditional, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the perfect match for your taste.

The Lounge

If your lounge needs some TLC, one of the first things you should do is look at color palettes and decide upon a complementary scheme that suits the look you want to achieve. Creating a mood board is also a good idea as it gives you the chance to play around with color, texture, and dimension. 

Adding pops of color here and there by way of wall art, small accent chairs, or accessories like cushions, candles, and trinkets also works well.

The Bathroom

There is nothing nicer after a hard day at work than lying in a lovely warm bath with your favorite music and some candles. Or at least that is the case if your bathroom looks warm and inviting. If it’s in a state of disrepair or a mish-mash of different colors and styles, then perhaps not. 

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If your budget allows, you can’t go wrong with wall-to-wall tiling as well as floor tiling. It will create a luxurious and stylish feel and, coupled with a beautiful bathroom suite, is sure you get you in the mood for a nightly soak. 

If re-tiling is out with your budget, regrout your existing tiles where needed and use bathroom paint to change the color and look of your room.

The Bedroom

It is suggested that we sleep more soundly in rooms that have a calming effect, so it comes as no surprise that many people choose muted, earthy, or pastel tones for their bedrooms. If you aren’t sure which colors might suit the layout of your room, some of the largest paint manufacturers’ websites offer a ‘try before you buy’ function. Simply upload an image of your room, choose your desired colors, and it will do the rest.

Throws, bed cushions, and plants will help add texture, and hints of coordinating colors and bedside lamps will create an ambiance that you may struggle to achieve with a ceiling light. 

The Children’s Room

If you have kids, then the chances are they will give you lots of ideas on how they want their rooms to look. You can’t go wrong with a themed room for younger kids, and older children typically love an aesthetic room with minimal clutter. 

If toy storage is an ongoing issue, you will find hundreds of storage solutions to suit any room regardless of its size.

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