What is Nitrogen-Infused Beer? What Does Nitro-Beer Taste Like?

In recent times Nitrogen-infused beers have increased in popularity with many people finding them irresistible. This has to do with how they are made and how they taste. The reason why nitro-infused beers have increased in popularity is the fact they offer something different than what people are used to in normal beers. Many beer lovers are swapping carbonated beer for nitrogenated beer due to what they offer in terms of texture and taste. There is also the fact that nitrogen-infused beer, the taste is much lighter and thus digests much faster. The main question is, however, what is a nitrogen-infused beer and what does it taste like? A nitrogen-infused beer as the name suggests is a beer that is made using more nitrogen as compared to carbon dioxide.

The nitrogen-infused beer is made using a series of steps which begins with the generation of nitrogen from a nitrogen generator. The process of bringing all the parts together is well crafted and the end product is usually a dark creamy beer with a velvety smooth taste. To achieve the final product, nitrogen beer needs to be pressurized and kept cold. Once served in a glass the undissolved nitrogen trying to escape forms a foam that is creamy and delicious. Once all the cream has risen to the top the beer is left perfectly clear with a stunning white foam at the top creating a spectacular sight. This process has to occur at a certain point in the making so as to achieve quality and taste.

The use of nitrogen in making the beer as compared to carbon dioxide affects how the beer tastes. This is because nitrogen reacts differently and does not dissolve completely.  The fact that it does not dissolve completely changes the texture of the beer and the taste. A nitro-beer thus has a smoother and creamier taste as compared to traditional beer made purely from carbon dioxide. The feeling in the mouth due to the thicker taste is much more appealing as it feels full in the mouth. The smooth texture is brought by the bubbles which remain and they move up and down creating a cascading effect. Another factor that contributes to the mesmerizing taste is how it is served as it requires a restrictor plate that pressurizes the beer through tiny holes into a glass to create that cascading effect. The use of nitrogen in beer has seen many beers increase their shelf life since nitrogen allows for better management of the infused oxygen. This makes the beer last much longer and maintains its authentic taste for a long time.

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 The taste of the nitrogen beer can also be enhanced depending on the flavor one is looking for as there are many flavors available from different makers. There are many brands of nitrogen beers out there for one to sample but the guarantee is the taste is much different than regular beer as it would be much smoother and frothy.

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