5 Ways to Get Rid of Your Electricity Woes

While it’s hard enough dealing with an expensive bill, it’s even more challenging to deal with unpredictable spikes in your budget.

From the simple DIY measures to lifestyle changes, here are to top 5 ways to fight your electricity woes.

Use A Programmable Thermostat

Heating and cooling are probably two of the most energy-consuming expenses in any home, and this expenses can be subject to large spikes based on your personal preferences as well as external temperatures.

While you can reduce energy consumption by turning the thermostat down, it’s still not enough. Instead, you should consider installing an solar panel, for more information visit actionsolar.net/san-diego/solar-panels.

A programmable thermostat will simply adjust the room temperatures accordingly without any manual input.

Besides the hassle-free and convenient experience, a programmable thermostat will help in circumventing the traditional expenses that come with manual heating or cooling.

Insulate Your Home

During the winter season, the temperatures outside can threaten the comfort of your home. While there’re many reasons behind the discomfort during winter, a major reason is the lack or poor insulation.

Proper insulation helps in maintaining optimal room temperatures; during the cold season, insulation traps heat inside, and during the warm season, it lets free-flowing air from outside to cool your house.

This unique benefit of home insulation will go a long way in saving energy consumption and ultimately saving your electricity bill.

Therefore, you must check on the insulation on your home; you can even add a layer of insulation on the water heater, and this will prevent the heater from working extra hard and prevent the pipes from freezing.

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Get an Alternative Energy Source

If you feel the electricity bills are getting out of hand, you might consider alternative forms of energy as well as comparing different energy providers like Pulse Power against your current one to find a cheaper deal for yourself.

Solar panels, for instance, will provide a budget-free and reliable source of energy. While solar is not as powerful as the grid electricity, you can use them as a replacement for powering the lighter household applications such as lighting or water heating.

Another incredible energy source is the use of generators. Yes, though generators are seen as a traditional power source, they are highly efficient in delivering power. Durable inverter generator, for instance, will give you the advantage of generating power output akin to what you would receive from the traditional grid. Thus, these generators are ideal for handling sensitive applications such as charging your phones and laptops.

Replace your Air Filter

A major purpose of air filters is freeing your household of any “floating” debris such as dust, pollen and lint. Also, air filters pay an integral role in ensuring that only clean air is circulated through the heating and cooling system.

A proper functioning air filtration system will keep your HVAC in optimal conditions, which is a key aspect of energy efficiency in your home. Having an HVAC system installed in your home will not only help you to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but it could also be done in a cost-effective way, especially if you decide to buy the system from a wholesale retailer, similar to National Air Warehouse, (https://www.nationalairwarehouse.com/) instead. You can even get a professional contractor to install it for you as well. What could be better than that? Of course, nothing is better than having an HVAC system.

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Regular replacement of the filters will ensure that your air and heating system is working optimally, and as a result, you’ll use less energy compared to a system with dirty filters.

This is because clean filters reduce the work your HVAC has to do, and in turn, it saves on energy consumption, ultimately lowering your electricity bill. The same applies to commercial buildings too, after all, it’s not just houses that need heating! Energy Sales in Minnesota is a Ceramicircuit heater distributor and an excellent resource for commercial electric heating systems. So if you’re interested in heating a commercial building, perhaps you could give them a call?

Consider a Prepaid Electricity Plan

This is one awesome option that is not often discussed.

A prepaid electricity plan will require you to switch from a long-term contract with your electricity provider, and instead choose the option of paying only what you’ve consumed.

This method is highly economical, and quite handy, to those looking to cut down on their electricity expenses or even stay within a certain budget.

Over time, you track your energy expenditure, and this will help to plan and budget for their energy use moving forward.


Before your next electricity bill sends you into a wave of budgetary panic, consider implementing the following tips.

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