Love and Healing: The Biochemistry of a Strong Bond

You might have heard about love and relationships causing some people to suffer. The emotional trauma they feel even manifests in their physical appearance. You see them losing weight, looking drained, and their eyes looking lifeless.

While love can cause harm, it is also a powerful elixir that can heal a broken heart. Many journals have established the relationship between love and healing.

The Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) Statistical Brief revealed that 35.7 million people stayed in US hospitals in 2016. This showed a prevalence rate of 104.2 for every 1,000 people. On average, a person remains 4.6 days in the hospital and spending an average of $11,700.

Getting admitted to the hospital is costly, especially if you have no insurance. Thus, you need to maintain a healthy mind and body to avoid getting sick.

Love and Oxytocin

A study that was published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) tracked oxytocin, a type of hormone, where strong emotions are present. Oxytocin is also responsible for the stimulation of milk for breastfeeding women.

Breastfeeding is the way to develop a stronger bond between the mother and the child.
However, oxytocin is also produced in several “stressful conditions.” These happen when people badly need each other’s support to survive.

It is not yet conclusive, though, if oxytocin is indeed the love hormone.

Healing with Love’s Help

More studies are needed to establish the relationship between love and healing. It also needs to be emphasized that love cannot be only found with the opposite sex. You can love your friends and families, and they love you in return.

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The Independent UK reported that 50 percent of those suffering from “life-threatening” diseases survive because of the love and support from the people around them.

To strengthen your relationship with loved ones, you may consider the following strategies:

Seek counseling. If you are looking for Love Readings Austin TX, you may also want to ask for sound advice on how to make the relationship stronger.

  • Respect differences. There will never be two people who are the same in everything. Thus, you need to respect each other’s differences.
    Make space and time work. It does not matter how good the results of your Love Readings in Austin,
  • TX, is. What’s important is you spend quality time together. In the meantime, give the person space for growth and personal activities.
  • cannot impose on people. If you refuse to realize this, you might end up ruining your mind and body.
  • Accept changes. People tend to change over time, and that includes you. If people develop a new interest, accept that. Do not hate them just because they change.

Love may only become powerful if you allow yourself to embrace it and let others love you, as well. Pushing people away could be a bad idea. You cannot live forever without the support of others. With love, emotional, and mental healing is possible.

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