3 Things to Consider When Painting Large DIY Picture Frames


Art is an immortal form of expression that transcends the planes of time and the amazing part is that you don’t necessarily have to go to an art gallery to experience what art has to offer.

Now whether you are painting a large picture frame you’ve just made for a vintage poster, oil painting you’ve just finished or photograph you love, the DIY route is an affordable alternative vs buying in store, you just need to be aware of the different frame sizes and whatever it is you are framing.

Additionally, it will look great wherever you place it because you have full control over the color of the frame and the existing room’s decor.

So without further ado, here are 3 things or tips tips for painting large DIY picture frames to give yourself the best chance of success.


This is the first step of the process. You’ll have to procure the necessary supplies that will be needed for painting. Before embarking on your picture frame painting adventure, you will need to ensure you have all the tools; that is if you want the final product to become out as desired. The supplies needed will include sandpaper, paintbrush, paint, primer and a newspaper or drop cloth.

Additional supplies may be required depending on what you want the finished piece to look like. So, be sure to leave room to accommodate the picture hanging wire and Eye hooks. You can also use stencils and sponges as a way to enhance the picture frame. Remember that you’re doing this for yourself and creativity has no bounds to what you can or cannot do. You can get any supplies you want.

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Preparing the Frame

If there’s hardware on the frame, you’ll require a screwdriver for removing the backing. This way, you can’t get any paint on them and also allow you to paint the entire frame easily. There are various approaches you can use when it comes to painting picture frames. Basically, you’ll use four large pieces of wood and glue them or nail them together to form either a rectangle or square depending on the shape you wish the frame to be.

You’ll have to use a damp cloth to wipe down and clean the frame surface. This ensures that no dust particles or dirt will affect the framed painting adhering and also prevent bubbling that forms beneath the paint coat. Then wipe it down with warm water.

Select A color

The picture frames coloring will need to coordinate with the art colors. This is what will contribute to its striking appearance at first sight. You can choose to apply color to the frame using spray paint or paintbrush. Using spray paint ,will allow for easy and fast application and is an excellent option that will cover the surface area more quickly and dry up much faster as compared to using a paintbrush.

Frames are like the first impression of paintings before going into the art itself. How it’s presented is important since it will be the first thing that an external viewer does.

By following the aforementioned tips, you’ll easily paint a beautiful, large picture frame of your own making.

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