The Key Traits to Remember When Choosing Bedding Pillows?

A good pillow goes a long way in ensuring that you rest comfortably. Many people overlook how this simple kit is fundamental, focusing on other elements like mattresses. It is worth understanding how a good pillow ensures you get quality sleep.

Your neck needs adequate support, and your head should feel comfortable lying on a pillow you choose. If you wake up in the morning and feel some tension around your neck area, then you should probably change your pillow. Over time, pillows change in their property after repeated use. Some pillows fail with time, according to materials used to bring it all together. Several factors go into choosing the right bed pillow, which we highlight below.

Go For The right bed pillow size

Just like mattresses, pillow sizes have categories of standard, queen and king sizes. The best one for you depends mostly on preference and sleeping posture. What this means is, if you sleep head top or sideways, ensure you have neutral alignment from head to toe.

While sleeping, good posture is as essential just like when seating or standing. For side sleepers, putting a pillow in between their legs promotes good posture. Also, side sleepers should put their shoulders at an angle to the bed, preventing undue tension on it.

Have It By Your Sleeping Posture

If you prefer sleeping facing up, a thin pillow will work best, since your head will not push high up. While sleeping and facing upwards, place a pillow beneath your knees to reduce pressure on your lower back area. Lastly, there are those who prefer sleeping with their stomach facing downwards.

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Even though this position is not ideal, they should choose the thinnest pillow available or none at all. If you would like more information about this, here’s a blog post at Sleeplander on pillow types for stomach sleepers which will go into more detail if you’re a stomach sleeper. A workaround for folks who like to sleep on their tummies is resting on the side and hugging a pillow at night. Gradually, stomach sleepers will transition to side sleepers, the website about back pain claims.

Choosing the right materials in a bed pillow

Different fabrics provide different firmness for you to sleep in. The most common type of filling in a pillow is cotton fabric and synthetic materials. Cotton feels good to sleep in due to the plush feeling you feel when resting on it.

However, cotton pillows are prone to buckling faster than synthetic materials. With advancement in technology, synthetic fibers have come close to the real thing nowadays. Synthetic fibers are durable and provide service for a long time compared to other fabrics. In some cases, you will find pillows with synthetic and cotton fibers to get a particular texture and longevity.

Take Care About Types & Constructions

There are also other unique types of filling for example real feathers. These type of pillows are not common due to their high price, even though users claim to have experienced the best sleep using them. There are also buckwheat pillows, which are firm and hardly lose shape. Because of their firmness, most users use soft padding on top of buckwheat pillows for added comfort. Lastly, there are water pillows. The best part with water pillows is that it conforms well to the shape of your head.

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Even better, you can add some warm water into them to get a comfortable sleep, especially in cold areas. However, water pillows are not cheap and make some disgruntling noise as you switch positions. Due to the wide variety, always get a pillow that will not give you allergies. Also, get an appropriate cover for your pillow, one that adjusts and suits your preferences.


While going to bed or having a rest, the pillow draws the short end of a string when considering its importance. Even though it is cheaper than the other elements making up your bed, it is influential to how you carry on with your days. The intricate systems connecting to your spine need proper alignment throughout to get the most benefits. Remember to maintain your type of pillow correctly.

Over time, your pillow accumulates lots of sweat and dirt. Therefore, wash the covers every week. You do not have to break the bank to get a good pillow. You can start with a cheaper pillow and feel the changes right away. If for any reason you start feeling some tension around your neck, then it is high time you consider a new pillow.

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