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What Type of Air Filters Do You Need?

The air filters in your home come in a variety of types that make sure that the air inside of your home continues to come in clean. The process is simple to follow, the filters are made of a tight mesh weaving that blocks out allergens and pollutants. The air is brought in by your air systems and in turn, the allergens and pollutants are filtered out so that the fresh air can come in. But the trick is that the air filters do not stay clean forever. The filters become dirtier over time and eventually require replacement before they become an issue for your home. But what kind of air filters do you need?

Air Filters for a Home

When you purchase air filters for your home, they are made for the express purpose of cleaning up incoming airflow. Their ability to do so is gauged on the MERV rating system, where the tightness of their mesh weaving is ranked. The number goes up to 20 but you do not want the air filters you put in your home air systems to go above an 8 or 9. The reason being that the tighter the mesh weaving for air filters gets, the more difficult it is for air to travel through. Now obviously this is a problem for your home since air needs to travel through or else there will be problems of dryness and stagnation. You can look into getting an air purifier for your home as well, they both clean the air but they do so in different ways. If you have animals or cook a lot and get fed up with the smells constantly there, then you can look for an air purifier for odors and feel better about the air quality in your home as well as breathing in better smells.
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You will also need to swap out air filters due to the issues with particles that come from the inside of your home as well. Consider a home with residents smokers or pets, the resulting particles are often filtered out by a home’s air systems. But when the filters are dirty or unable to properly process the airflow, then those particles stay and can land anywhere in a room. The air systems will try and force the air through, but that ends up straining the system and increasing energy billing, eventually causing damages if not handled promptly.

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New Filter Installment

When you order new air filters from a trusted provider, the next step is simple and easy. All you have to do is slide the old filter out and put the new one in, the fresh filters are ready for use as soon as they arrive. You want to make sure that the air filters you install are the right size, so be sure to check the cardboard edge of the old filters for clarification. You should also look through the air system owner’s manual and check to see what the specifications required are. The replacement process does not take long, but it does need to be done as often as monthly depending on the area around your home and the MERV rating of the filters.

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