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Arguably, an oscillating multi-tool is the most versatile power tool every contractor and handyman must have for a smooth operation. While it is relevant to have an oscillating tool, it is more important to use the right attachment so that you can maximize on its productivity. These tools not only make the jobs easier but also give you the freedom to work efficiently on your project. An oscillating tool is with no doubt the perfect tool you can use while cutting pipes, nails and pipes or trimming sanding woods.

Its versatility allows it to reach tighter spaces and make deep cuts in awkward positions. If you know the trick of using the blades, for sure, you will remove grout around the tile without destroying the surrounding surfaces. These tools -found on sites like Stonex – work great for jobs around the home and do all jobs whether small or large and interestingly take less time to complete.

As a homebuilder or a remodeler who is new to the oscillating tool, you might have problems regarding how to use the tool efficiently. This is because you might take time to clearly understand the tricks that you can apply when using your oscillating tool. Here are some oscillating tool tips and tricks that will help you to understand these tools and increase their productivity. You can read the reviews of the best oscillating tool before buying it.

1.Use a Straightedge for Straight Cuts.

If you need to shave a little of your cabinet simply because the carpenter misinterpreted the tape measure, use the oscillating tool to make a clean and a precise clear-cut, and you will have eliminated the problem completely. You can use a straight edge if you need a guide for the saw blade. Afterwards, you will come to notice that the straight edge does not go off.

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2.Use a Straight Blade for Plunge Cuts.

A straight blade is arguably the best when it came to plunging cuts. Here you will stab the blade into the surface. If the cuts are quite long, you can have a round oscillating saw blade. You will definitely get cleaner cuts with the round blade if you will consider scouring the cut first.

Additionally, you need to keep in mind that excess heat kills the blades. Therefore you need to swing the tool blade to avoid such problems occasionally.

3.Slowly Move the Trim Away from The Walls to Prevent Damage.

It is the best trick of removing delicate sections of trim. By probing the nails and slicing through them, you will have made more slips. Also, you can use an old metal to protect the wall from getting damaged.

4.Equip the Oscillating Tool with a Scraper Blade to Get Rid of Constructions Adhesive.

You can avoid the constructions adhesive and other gunk without spending lots of hours hacking with a blunt knife. When you do this, you will save much of your time slicing it.

5.Use Adapters so that You Can Use More Blades.

After deciding on the right oscillating tool for the task, you would have to change or attach the blade. The easiest way is to use adapters to increase your blade option or else fit the blades of other brands on your oscillating tool. This option is very helpful in situations where you cannot find the blades of your oscillating tool brand. However, you will have to find the adapter that is compatible with your tool. In some instances, some of the blades can only be changed using a wrench. Therefore, you must find it.

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6.How to Remove a Soap Dish.

It is one of the simplest things that an oscillating tool does. All that is required is to jam your blade about one percent deep and work it through the fixture to deepen your shove. Remember to do this twice.

7.How to Prepare Your Door to Install a New Floor.

The only trick here is to attach a flush cutting blade on your tool so that the doorjambs can be sliced fully. Moreover, you can use your flooring escape as your guide to producing a very straight and a clean cut.

8.Use a Bimetal to Chop Metal.

In most cases, you will find out that most stores are meant to sell blades which can only cut soft materials like wood and plastic. To avoid buying the wrong blade, make sure that the shop where you buy from are tagged bimetal.

Having the tricks at your hand will make you quickly go through the reciprocating saw blades when cutting through the original wall. Indeed if you incorporate the above tricks and tips for sure, you will have changed the perspective of using the oscillating tool.

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