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5 Opportunities to Enjoy in Your Dining Shack at All Times

Why always stick to eating in the kitchen? Even though the dining room is prepared to receive, it still lacks that little touch – the one that breaks our routines – and always convinces us to go to the restaurant for a change of scenery.

Having your dining pavilion set up in your bunkie in the corner of the garden will surely reduce your trips. It will even push you to invite more often and make each event a unique treat.

All opportunities are suitable to receive in the bunkie, here are five of them that guarantee success throughout the year.

1. Sunday brunch

Sunday brunch
This one is a best seller in its field. With family or friends, brunch at the end of the week is a must! With a friendly and warm atmosphere, sweet and salty mix and mingle cheerfully. Sharing is the keyword that will benefit everyone. Just set up your bunkie, enjoy this break with your loved ones to relax as the weeks go by. It’s up to you to decide if you want a sophisticated brunch or a classic. Either way, your bunkie is very welcoming.

2. The family meal

The family meal
A complete table composed of children and grandchildren. How does one say no? Sit down and immerse yourself in the memories of a not-so-distant past. Whether it’s just an intimate meal with your kids or on a broader scale with your favorite uncles and cousins, family meals always lift the spirit. Do not wait for the holidays, enjoy these moments more often with your private dining pavilion.

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3. Cocktails with friends

Cocktails with friends
These ladies are fond of them but let’s not be selfish and let the gentlemen have their moment between themselves too. Bring out your greatest mixologist talents, or more promptly your favorite drinks, and you won’t see the time pass! Catch up on everything you missed in the life of your best friends and laugh like never before. These evenings always tend to drag on, a chance that your bunkie can receive. In no time, you will be seated, ready to prolong the evening!

4. The party dinner

The party dinner
The inevitable party supper – or dinner. It’s time for celebration, and it’s the day when your most beautiful tableware has their moment of glory. Candles, silverware, nothing is too cute on these occasions. Gather your loved ones and enjoy your favorite dishes. The atmosphere is festive, the decor is colorful, and there’s no doubt that well-wrapped packages are hidden under the table to surprise you as soon as the cake is out.

5. Afternoon snacks and teas

Afternoon snacks and teas
All opportunities do not need to be planned and organized. Sometimes a good dose of spontaneity is all we need. A friend comes by surprise; a neighbor has just rung? Sit back in your bunkie, heat some good tea or sip coffee and get some treats to nibble on. For a moment, let’s forget the rainy days and give them our twist! A little touch of the cottage will surprise you even in your wooden bunkie.

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