Top Ways to Enjoy a Quick Break While in the Middle of Your DIY Project


DIY is great fun and the perfect way to spend the day if the results are as you hoped. But, DIY can be tiring, especially if you’re recreating some of your furniture to add some extra charm to your home, creating something from scratch, or adding new elements to your home.

So, it’s important to give yourself short and regular breaks so that you can keep going until the project is completed without feeling the effects of fatigue on the mind and body. While having a cup of coffee or tea grants a welcome break, they can feel somewhat empty, so we’ve found some of the most entertaining games that are not only quick to play but are also readily available via handheld devices.

Mega Moolah

Playing Casino games online may also be something that people can do on their breaks.

Available from your mobile phone and tablet, Mega Moolah has been one of the most popular games at online casinos for a very long time. Created by Microgaming in 2006, Mega Moolah remains a smash-hit over a decade on because it continues to reward huge prizes.

Now, progressive slots are not for everyone, with the RTP often being over ten per cent lower than regular online slot games, but they do boast big-win jackpots that simply cannot be matched anywhere else. Mega Moolah actually holds world records for its payouts. The glory of progressive slot games for those with a few minutes to fill is that they are easy to play and boast the thrills of potentially paying out huge sums of cash.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

If you or someone in your home own a Nintendo Switch, you’ll know that it may just be the most complete console for gaming right now. With thousands of games available, from triple-A games to free indie greats, there’s something for everyone, with it all playable in the console’s handheld form.

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In December 2018, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was released to huge appraisal from reviewers and gamers for its intuitive gameplay, depth, and myriad of playable characters. Its campaign mode, World of Light, is comprised of hundreds of little scenarios for you to overcome to unlock new characters for the game, creating a perfect way for people to entertain themselves and relax in short bursts.

Mega Moolah and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are becoming the go-to games for those who fancy some quick and rewarding gaming.

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