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It’s not uncommon for windows to be decorated during the festive season; however, many people reserve such decorations for this time only. That said, windows in Droitwich or elsewhere can be decorated all year round. It’s not just about decorating your windows, but it’s also about the fun that actually goes into crafting your own window decorations. Creative and stunning window décor isn’t for the holiday season, and there are multiple DIY window decorations that can be enjoyed all year round. Detailed below are some of the top window decorating ideas to inject some extra comfort, beauty, and warmth into your home. 

A Windowsill Garden

Are you sick of polishing your windowsill to rid it of dust? One way to remove the need to do this is by transforming your windowsill into a garden. Even if you’re not someone who has the time or energy to deal with high-maintenance plants, there are various low-maintenance options you can go for. These include spider plants, kentia palms, ZZ plants, snake plants, string of hearts, and more. Not only will this addition mean you don’t need to polish your windowsill, but it will mean that some greenery is incorporated into your home. 

Crepe Paper Dandelions 

Perhaps the responsibility that’s required for even low-maintenance plants is a bit too much for you. If that’s the case, you can create the illusion of plant life via crepe paper dandelions. In creating these dandelions, you should cut the crepe paper into strips before folding them in half lengthways and making small incisions. Following this, you’ll run some glue along the uncut side and roll the strip up. Grab some green card to make the stems and attach the dandelion heads to these, and you’re good to go. Place these on your windows for a flawless finish. 

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Colored Sparrow and Branches Silhouettes

If you’re a bird lover, this is the window decoration for you. All you need is a few stencils of some birds that you can trace out onto colored card. Following this, you’ll want to get some darker card to cut out some branches for your little birdies. Once this is done, the process couldn’t be simpler. All that’s left to do is stick them to the window using some kind of window-friendly adhesive. Your front room will resemble your very own little nature reserve, allowing you to maintain the spirit of spring all year round. 

A Lace Window Screen

Perhaps you’d like to incorporate a vintage feel into your living room. If so, a lace window screen is the way to do so. It’s best to stick with white lace rather than any other color. This is because darker colors may inhibit your window’s ability to retain light. Meanwhile, colors are also prone to fading when they get hit by the sunlight. The only problem with white is that it will show dirt more so than any other color, meaning you’ll need to keep it clean. The best way to do this is with a sponge and some warm soapy water. 

A Felt Curtain

A little bit on the retro side is a felt curtain, which consists of some string and felt circles. All you’ll need is a top foundation that you can stick strings to and hang from your window. On these strings, you can glue your felt circles, all of different colors and sizes. That said, you don’t need to stick with circles alone; whatever shape you fancy, you can make these felt curtains your own. Just make sure you’re smart about your color combinations or the whole look could be slightly jarring.

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