5 Garden Watering Products Every DIY Gardener Needs


Watering is the key to success of every gardening be it for commercial or subsistence use. You have to water your yard or garden for it to thrive. Otherwise, it will seize to exist.
With that come the watering tools. They are many, with each designed to fit a particular type of gardening. However, every gardener must have the essentials from a water hose to a watering can. This way you maximize on your yields while keeping your surroundings lush. If you are interested in getting the right gardening essentials for you home, then it might be a good idea to take a look at a website like craftedgarage.com for more information for things like water hoses and even any tools that you might need.

Here are some watering products that can be of use to you, as a DIY gardener.

1. Garden Hose

Every gardener needs a water hose, no matter the situation. A garden hose often comes in handy in different situations, especially if you have a big yard. You just have to ensure you buy the right one, for it to fit your watering needs.

A long garden hose is often the best option, as you can always expand your garden. It should reach your spigot as well as your yard with ease.

You can always pick from any model and make be it expandable ones, rubber hoses, vinyl or metal garden hose you can find. Likewise, you can do some research on them to get an idea of how each is useful, plus the pros and cons of each one of them, for a better buy. TreillageOnline.com regularly posts reviews and buyer’s guide on garden hoses, here is one specifically about stainless steel garden hose.

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2. Nozzle

It does not matter if you are watering via a garden pipe or a watering can. You need a water nozzle to ensure that your watering system emits those fine or even sprays of water.

A water nozzle can also help you direct water to where it is needed the most, at the roots of the plant. Besides, it allows for easier control of the water pressure as well as flow.

For those who have tried watering without a nozzle you know the struggle, but with it, everything comes with ease. You can even save loads of water with it, while avoiding over-watering your plants.

You just have to research and read on some of its top reviews in order to buy a quality one, failure to which you will achieve nothing when it comes to its use.

3. Sprinkler

As much as, you can water your garden via a watering can or a garden hose, it can be time consuming, especially for large yards. For this reason, you need a sprinkler system.

A sprinkler system can prove very useful for large gardens, as it can save you loads of time as well as the energy of moving around with a garden hose or a watering can. You just have to position it at the best point, depending on your garden design, for efficient watering of all you garden plants.

You should also take note that there are different kinds of sprinklers, each designed to fit a certain way of gardening or landscape.

Therefore, as a newbie or pro gardener, you are only bound to pick one that is likely to be effective in your garden. For instance, if you need to maximize on water while covering large ground then a rotating or oscillating sprinkler will do just fine.

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4. Watering Can

A watering can is also a great tool when it comes to watering your small garden. It can be tiring for large yards. Nonetheless, it is the best as it prevents the damping down of water on plants via twisted hoses, buckets and cups. You can use it to direct water to your plants roots with ease.

However, you will need to buy a lightweight one for easy maneuverability during use. It also ensures you do not tire out in the middle of watering. If it has a long nozzle, better for your garden, as you can use it to spray fine mist of water on seedlings and sprouting seeds, without washing them away.

5. Garden Hose Splitter

A garden hose splitter is also essential when it comes to watering. This is because it can help you split your water system two, three or four-way, depending on your buy. This means you can get to connect two or more garden hoses, on just one tap.

Nevertheless, you have to ensure that your water pressure will handle two or more garden hoses, at the same time, while using a garden hose splitter. This is because a weak water pressure system will make it impossible to use it with more than one garden hose.

Consequently, you get to water all over your garden simultaneously with different garden hoses, thus saving loads of time.


There is more to watering than the above-mentioned products, but they are among the essential ones, so make sure you have one if not all of them nearby.

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