5 Creative Uses of Corks Around the House

Do you happen to have a lifetime supply of corks that you don’t know how to use? Or are you just interested in redecorating with corks? Well, what we have here are five uses of cork that can fit right into your house.

Bulletin Board

One traditional use of cork is as an announcement board of sorts. You can hang it up somewhere around the kitchen or by your front door. Then, you can use thumbtacks or pins to put up family pictures, leave a note to a family member or yourself, and maybe even hang your keys. They are not hard to purchase but, if you would like a challenge, you can always build a wooden frame, get a thick cork sheet, and nail that baby to the wall!

Plate Trivets and Coasters

We cannot talk about corks without mentioning the most common use of corks; other than to close wine bottles, obviously. To avoid damaging your glass because of hot plates, you can always put a cork trivet, then set your plate; classy and helpful. One way is to purchase cork sheets, cut them in circles of your desired size, then you can add your special touch and there you have it. Another way is using wine corks and a powerful adhesive. All you need to do is lay your corks two by two, alternating between upright and sideways until you form a square of a suitable size.

Vases and Containers

Who knew that if you combined an empty can o’ beans with a cork sheet, you’d get something that can hold something as beautiful as flowers? It is actually quite simple. All that you need is spray paint, a cork sheet, and heavy duty glue. After washing the can thoroughly, spray paint it; inside and out, then a large piece of cork with the length of the can. Use the glue to attach the cork to your can. You can check out the full method here.

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Napkin Rings

If you’re the type of person who likes to host fancy dinner parties, you know how impressive napkin rings are. But, did you know that you can make them out of corks? If not then, chances are that you’ll find this idea for nifty DIY napkin rings quite a treat. By slicing up a couple of old wine corks and threading an elastic string through a combination of those cork slices and beads, you’ll end up with an impressive cork napkin ring.

Fridge Magnets

We all love fridge magnets, right? Have you ever seen a house with none? Exactly. However, most people usually have souvenir magnets from places they’ve been which is getting old. Now, if you’re one of the creative people who live their lives outside the box, and happen to have an old wine cork lying around, buy a tiny magnet and hot glue it to that cork. As easy as ever.

Our main point is, there is a lot you can do with a decent supply of cork. In fact, instead of throwing out your old wine corks, you should be getting more cork. The material has a lot of creative uses, not to mention, it is child-friendly and environmentally-friendly, as well. Now, if all of that doesn’t quite cut it, DIY cork projects can actually save you a lot of money that you would have spent on buying the same things from a large franchise.

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