Shower Drain Types, Their Pros and Cons

however, when you use a bathroom with a poor shower drain that is not less than a useless drain, life becomes quite annoying. 

If you are building a new home and still want to explore every single option you can have to make your bathrooms the best space in your home, then you have landed on the right page as we are exploring the types of drain types available. 

Today the most favorite shower drains are the liner shower drains. However, these are not the only option as there are several other in the market. All you need to do is to find out what kind of shower drains you should have in your bathroom, depending on the pros and cons of each shower drain. 

Center drains 

The center drains or point drains are some of the most commonly installed bathroom drains. Y9ou might have one already in your old home. To install a point drain, you need to make a four-directional sloppy shower floor. These are quite simple and affordable; if you are looking for bathroom accessories that would not be a toll on your pocket, then this is the one. 

Pros of the center drain. 

  • Economical shower drains. 
  • Easy to avail. 
  • Common shower drains. 

Cons of the center drain. 

  • Not suitable for the curb-less showers. 
  • Unsafe. 

Linear shower drains

The linear shower drains are the new and most trending type of shower drains. To install these drains, you do not have to create a four-directional sloppy floor. Thus, giving you a safe shower space even for the wheelchairs. As the name implies, it means that the shower drain would be an elongated thing spread over a thin line. Furthermore, having linear shower drains means that you will not have to disturb the look of the bathroom tiles. 

Pros of linear drains

  • Goes fine with the look of the shower. 
  • Safe to have. 
  • Perfect for the curb-less showers. 

Cons of linear shower drains

  • Expensive. 

Three-piece drain 

These shower drains are perfect for the first or second floors; if you are rebuilding the second-floor bathrooms, particularly those with wooden ceilings or floors, then having the three-piece drain is imperative. It all depends on the type of home. 

Pros of a three-piece drain 

  • Safe for the wooden floor. 
  • Reliable drains. 

Cons of the three-piece drain

  • Difficult to install. 


Having a reliable and functional shower drain is necessary as no one wants to stay in a dirty water pool while cleaning his body. Choosing the right kind of shower drain requires some information about the available options. We have mentioned the most common and reliable shower drains. All these are perfect and best to use, so the best way is to find a reliable builder too. So that he should guide you according to the need of your house. The need analysis of the building is necessary to find the perfect accessories.

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