Top 8 Health Benefits of Skateboarding

Apart from being a sport, skateboarding is a culture, lifestyle, and a form of art. Those who have been skating for decades have even turned skateboarding into an extreme game.

Pro skaters and novices can both benefit from skateboarding even without grinding rails and bombing half pipes. Not only does skateboarding force you to go out, but it’s also a practical and fun way to get you moving. Boarding is also a convenient, environmentally friendly method of transportation, especially if you have a cruising longboard that is designed for covering long distances.

While skateboarding also allows us to wear trendy and skate-appropriate Thrasher clothing, here are some of the top health benefits one can experience from skateboarding.

Provides Flexibility

The body should remain limber and the ankles must be flexible to skate correctly. Inflexible and tense people will find it difficult to slide. If you practice and get better at skateboarding, you’ll you can enjoy the benefits of improving your overall flexibility.

The Equivalent of a Full-body Workout

In skateboarding, you have to move your legs and feet, while your arms help you retain balance. Aside from that, you’re also twisting your whole body. With all these done simultaneously, you give your body the benefit of having a full-body workout.

Improves Physical Endurance

Beyond a skateboarder’s comfy and trendy Thrasher clothing is some serious physical endurance that needs to be maintained. You would find skateboarding challenging, but at the same time, it’s super fun since you won’t even notice that you’ve been moving for many hours in a day, improving your physical endurance.

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Helps You Achieve Precision

To master a skating trick, you need to go through many motions that you need to practice correctly. When you fail, you try again repeatedly until you perfect the trick.

Adjustments are made every time you try. When you’re doing this, you have to place your feet differently on the skateboard, alter your timing, adjust your pace, and land differently.

You don’t stop trying until you get the timing and motions down to a T. And this how you achieve precision.

Improves Coordination

Skateboarding requires a lot of coordination between your arms, feet, legs, and eyes. The longer you skate, the better you become. Coordination and precision are essential all through your life, and this is applicable whether you’re a skater or not.

When you get better in adopting these traits, you also improve your ability to multitask.

Calorie Burning

Depending on the level and intensity of skating, you can burn between 200 to 600 calories per hour of skating.

Ability to pursue Other Sports

With the skills and endurance that you acquire through skateboarding, you can easily pursue other sports like wakeboarding, snowboarding, or surfing. If the water is extra cold, if the snow melts, and if the waves turn flat, you can keep your fitness up and your skills sharper by riding your skateboard.

Teaches patience, practice, and consequences

Skateboarding can help you learn to take calculated risks with immediate and real consequences. It teaches you the lesson that if you make a wrong move, you might find yourself hitting the ground.

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Also, it makes you realize that when you hit the ground because of one false step, you can still try again by picking yourself up. With enough practice and patience, you can perfect a trick soon enough.

More than being a culture, an art form, and a sport, skateboarding can help us learn many life lessons and enjoy numerous health benefits. To fully equip yourself while learning these lessons and reaping these health benefits, skate in skater fashion.

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